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Worried Sick
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about City Council’s failure to overturn Mayor Nutter’s veto of the sick-leave bill:

Do Mayor Nutter and Council think that every piece of food they eat is given to them by healthy people? If those restaurant workers can’t get a day off when they are sick, they are going to come into work sick and make other people sick. I hope that happens to them and they can see the harm they have done to workers. Those workers just want a right they should be entitled to. They are not going to take advantage of their bosses.

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Stop At Nothing
In response to Tara Murtha’s blog about “Stop Rape” signs in Philly:

I don’t think you should write or put anything on traffic signs. I can’t see how this helps anything, and I think it’s downright juvenile. Most people are probably like me and want to stop rape and respect public property. This tactic doesn’t speak to us at all. Civil disobedience is once thing, but since stop signs have nothing to do with rape, I think this particular tactic is highly misguided.

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I love the tactic and would love to see more guerilla activism to raise awareness. No one was hurt by this, and no one will misunderstand the meaning of the stop sign because of the addition of the sticker. With all that has been going on lately, there has been a lot more talk about what rape culture is and how it is perpetuated. This is the time to raise conversations about this problem and try to increase consciousness about it. Rapists are not just strangers lurking in the dark; they are acquaintances, family members, partners and others who may not even realize where the line is. In addition, every day nice people witness things that contribute to sexism and rape culture and may not know what to do and fail to respond.

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Geeks Agree: Let’s Honor Isaac Asimov
In response to PW’s petition to have a historical marker placed in West Philly to commemorate where Isaac Asimov wrote his landmark Foundation trilogy:

Isaac Asimov was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. I devoured his stories as a boy; they led me to be an engineer and eventually to work on the space shuttle and space station. He helped open the door to the future.

Marlton, N.J.

He was a singularly American artist who continues to inspire dreamers and thinkers long after his passing.


Asimov’s ideas of robotics and psycho-history have had a profound impact on both science fiction as a genre and science as fact. Dedicate a marker!


If Poe can have a historical house and museum in Richmond, Va., and one in Philly without having been born there, why not Asimov?

Elm City, N.C.

Asimov is a founding father of science fiction. Honoring Asimov in Philadelphia would in turn honor Philadelphia.


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