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Out of Bounds

Regarding the Sex and Sports section of last week’s Better Than Best issue:

Can you please lay off the constant harping on female sexuality. Please. Enough. Enough of your nervous, giggly, childish coverage of pasties. Enough about the burlesque. Cover—just once—one of the many amazing dancers in our city who keep their clothes on. Enough of trying to convince me that I should be taking classes to learn how to strip for my health. Enough shoving the female form in my face, again and again and again. Pages and pages, week after week. Your childish obsession with female sexuality does not encourage women to own and love their bodies. It teaches women to own their sexuality only as on object for men to view. Not enough to touch—but to VIEW. People say print journalism is dying. Save it. Inspire me. Connect me to the events, the moments that make this city great. Please, I am asking you. You can do better than cover “titties.” Can’t you?

BRENNA, via email

Do you guys even watch Eagles games? Because, judging from your piece “The Best Reason to Boycott the Eagles,” it looks like all you do is take a look at the stat sheet and then try to talk like you actually watched the game. If you did spend any time watching the games, you would notice specific things. Like the fact that nearly all of Mike Vick’s interceptions are not his fault. They were results of Vick being hit while throwing, the ball being tipped at the line and receivers being unreliable. It’s not like Kevin Kolb, where he would look a linebacker in the eyes and throw it right to him. And speaking of Kolb, saying that Vick has not been much better than him is giving way too much credit to Kolb. Did you guys know Mike Vick is breaking records, both personal and league-wide, this year? And you say he is the team’s problem? Try watching the games before making judgements.

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Passing Comment

Regarding Tara Murtha’s obsession with reading Philly.com comments:

I read these every day as well and usually I don’t make any comments because I can’t even begin to think about how to respond to some of the ridiculous things people will say. There is small group of frequent commenters who bring race into absolutely everything, even when there is no reason to. I remember a brief article about a woman being found dead in a courtyard in Center City. There was no other information than her approximate age and the time and location they found her. And people immediately started leaving comments about how it was “just more black violence.” The article never mentioned the victims race or even insinuated that she had been murdered. And it turned out she wasn’t murdered at all, she was homeless and had not gotten proper medical care. It’s almost like they were reading the news with the intention of saying something racist, like they woke up, got on the computer and said, “Well this is what I want to say today, now which one of these articles best supports my racist views?” Maybe I will start commenting more, just to help balance the argument and help like minded people not feel intimidated out of saying what they think. But it’s hard to know what to say when the arguments against you are baseless, illogical and just ridiculous.

HORTENSE, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Thanks very much for writing this. What is often lost in discussion about the loutish commenters is the impact of their venom on unsuspecting innocent parties—regular Joes, subjects of our stories and columns. I try to remember to warn those who allow me into their lives, but sometimes forget and then feel lousy when they see what’s said about them. I’m a big girl who gets paid to take the shots, but everyday Philadelphians don't deserve to be punished and pummeled just for sharing their lives with our readers.

MONICA YANT KINNEY, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Correction: Due to an editing error, Tara Murtha’s piece stated that a local columnist slandered her in an Inquirer column. The writer did not. We regret the error.

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