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Sharkey Attack

Regarding John Sharkey III’s sports column, “The Big Sharkey Show”:

Good article! I wish the announcers would stop bringing it up. Al Michaels needs to have his hair ripped out like it was Howard Cossell’s toupee. About 10 years ago, we ordered an Eagles jersey for my dog out of a catalog. They sent it with the No. 7. Who knew that this would be Vick’s number ? My dog forgives him and wears the No. 7 with pride.

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I find it utterly disgusting and worse, ignorant of the author to claim in any way that Vick should be absolved for his inhumane crimes because he killed “vicious and useless attack dogs.” The history of the pit bull breed involves much more than dog fighting; cattle herding, hunting and companionship are just some of the functions this versatile animal has been bred for. A little research reveals that among the dogs rescued from Vick’s property, over half have been adopted into homes where they lead normal, loving dog lives—one of them even works as a therapy dog. Say what you will about Vick, Sharkey undermines our integrity as humane, intelligent and law-abiding Philadelphians by forgiving and condoning a tragically inhuman, rightly illegal act.

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Great, great, great article. You said exactly what I and thousands others have been feeling. Those freakin’ animal rights people should all be committed, they let their families starve while they protest outside the circus, what a bunch of fucking morons!

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Yes, they were animals that were raised to fight and die. You left out one integral part of the puzzle: The owners of those dogs and payers to watch these fights are the people that caused these animals to be this way. Did Michael Vick own some of these “vicious and useless attack dogs?” Why yes, he did. He also trained them to be what they were. Dogs of the same breed raised by people that do not put them in disgusting dog fights that result in one dog living and one dog dying for the sheer enjoyment, recreation and monetary gain do not have dogs with these social problems that make them useless, Mr. Sharkey.

The next time you are so quick to say your opinion and consider animals useless and not worth a thought or care, remember who raised them and that your opinion is your opinion. However, dog abuse is obviously punishable, and it looks like you should not have an animal of your own, either. Dogs (and other companions, as I clear my throat) are only for people with compassion. You are lacking in that area, and I feel certain you lack in plenty of others after reading this article.

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Dudes article was fucking great. You guys need more sports coverage, after all we do live in fucking Philadelphia. Give the man a full page.

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Is Sharkey serious here? He says “I’m not saying that inflicting suffering onto any living creature is justifiable or can be condoned in anyway,” right after he says that it was basically alright because it wasn’t “Lassie.” What a fucking asshole this guy is. I hope a pit bull bites his fingers off so he can’t write any more of this nonsense.

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1. Anonymous said... on Sep 22, 2011 at 07:08AM

“Shark came off as Michael Vicks personal ball washer. Who cares what animal rights people say??? He doesn't why should you?? let that man fight his own battles, believe me, if it was reversed, he would never defend you.”


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