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Cornering the Market

Regarding Steve Volks cover story about the Top 10 drug corners in 2011:

It’s quite interesting that instead of going city wide, you used only the Fairhill/West Kensington neighborhoods. It’s obvious to see why. This underbelly black market is very much hidden from the eyes of most and it’s good to occasionally shed light on it. Will anything be done about it? No. Those blocks have been running for years and years. I thought it was very amusing that the pictures from each of these blocks only show trash and abandoned houses. You must have felt that vibe in the area. That cold chill that says, “If I take a shot of these open air dealings going down, those pictures will not only be gone forever, but you might also.” I’ve tried to photograph these areas but there are so many people there engrossed in the trade, as soon as you take a shot, the whole block thinks you are an undercover cop. I’m not from that neighborhood nor do I feel that the dealings down there are good, but the system for which it is run, is amazingly well-networked. Runners, spotters, mini bosses, guys who do the handoff and people who you see there everyday part of it, who never speak of drugs, never touch them, and won’t be going down for them on any street rip basis.

ANONYMOUS, via email

I read your article and have been doing drug/alcohol work for a while. The problem is complicated. The solution costs money and commitment, of which there is none in Philadelphia. There is of course money to keep the city gentrified. There are lots of folks in our community who are committed to “recovery,” aka healing. Too bad this isn’t a priority for the mayor.

E., via email

Mayor May I

Regarding Matt Petrillo’s recent article about Mayor Nutter’s delayed reaction to flash mobs:

I just don’t get why the Philly media are picking on the mayor for telling the truth. So now there’s a problem with his allegedly taking too long to address the flash mob situation in the city? He just can’t do anything right, can he? He’s done more than Street ever did, whom you people never attacked with as much venom as you’re doing with Nutter. Nowhere in that column did I see Mr. Petrillo pounce on the unfit parents who were the main reason why these mobs got out of control in the first place. Priorities, people.


Given the Green Light

Regarding Daniel Rackleys Q&A with Councilman Bill Green:

I enjoyed the interview with Philadelphia’s future mayor, William Green, Jr. The powers in the city want him to be mayor and he will do about as good a job as his father. Did you know that William Green, Sr. was mayor for a term in the 1980s? Councilman Green says the school district has wasteful spending. Can he elaborate? “Yeah” is a pretty neutral response. Also, is Councilman Green just realizing that the school district cannot perform the job it was mandated to do? Bsck in 2003, the Commonwealth decided the district couldn’t do the job and that is why it took over the district and imposed a School Reform Commission. Councilman Green could also tell us who paid for the buy out of Dr. Ackerman. I would like to know.

JAN, via email

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1. Anonymous said... on Sep 12, 2011 at 11:47AM

“It's sad to see such a racist comment as the first post, but at least it's full of spelling and grammar errors. The poster who is deriding a group based on their skin color has only showed their own ignorance. Stop hating and educate yourself, starting with a 4th grade spelling lesson on the difference between the word hire, which means to employ someone, and higher, which denotes a relative height or amount. There's some free education for you, you're on your own for the rest.”

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2. avi said... on Sep 12, 2011 at 03:56PM

“The 1# comment came from someone who has a severe dislike from their dealings with the black community. Hateful but not ignorant. Ignorant means uninformed, not nasty, rude or mean.

I bet your educated maybe a master degree at best. raised by baby boomers or is one yourself. The deriding comments come from what is stated, e.g. language, attitude, committing majority of violent crimes and clothing style. Please go copulate yourself.”

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3. Anonymous said... on Sep 12, 2011 at 03:59PM

“i dislike whiggers”

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4. Anonymous said... on Sep 13, 2011 at 11:58AM

“white people should give half their money to minorities b/c they have been treated unfairlt for hundreds of years. all whites are related and com from th esame families. therefore they are all gulity and have benefitted from slavery. rich people need to pay their share. its not poor peoples fault they have nothing. rich people re obligated to give to the poor, no matter what. bet this stays up”

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5. Anonymous said... on Sep 13, 2011 at 03:02PM

“i watched an antique roadshow, this guy was so happy that his great great grandparents owned slaves, he had records of when and were they bought the slave when they were sold, and when the union freed them,he should be sued for profitting for slavery, it because of this period in the usa that we all should be ashamed of our treatment of not only the africans,but also the natives”

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6. Anonymous said... on Sep 14, 2011 at 07:32AM

“dumb people of america. there were all types of slavery back then. indentured servants etc etc. get over native americans and black people. a great majority of those people brought top the americas were slaves already in Africa. Go ask someone from liberia, you want to respect africa like people respect europe. well they had a ruling class just like their counterparts in europe. doubt any kings were brought here by slave traders. people that rule african countries now have ties to the tribal leaders of years ago.”

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7. Anonymous said... on Sep 14, 2011 at 07:33AM

“5# go stuff it. he had nothing to do with it.”

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8. Anonymous said... on Sep 14, 2011 at 07:47AM

“way to go AVI.”


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