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Pigs are closer to human DNA than monkeys. (Haven’t you heard of pig valves being used for heart patients?) Eating pork is about as close as you are going to get to cannibalism.

Pigs also do not have a lymph system, therefore meat eaters are consuming the waste and toxins a pig produces.


This article plus the pro-breed discrimination opinion piece is just too much. Seriously. I personally don’t eat pig because it’s horrific and cruel. Sorry, but your base pleasure doesn’t condone another being’s suffering. It’s unnecessary and bad for you and the environment. Seriously, PW—this is over the top and horrific.

R. GREY via

It’s Hard Out Here For a Pit

Regarding Jacob Lambert’s article about pit bull bans:

Banishing pit bulls might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. It must be an idea crafted by our own government, the bastions of idiocy. Sure, lets ban pit bulls. No, lets not pursue the wastes of life training these dogs to fight. We ban the pit bulls, that’s the solution. There can’t be other dogs for them to train for violence, right? Dobermans, Rotweilers, German Shepherds, etc. Stupid.

CJ via

Pit bull bans actually do work. Miami Dade has such a ban since 1979 and it has reduced gang activities quite a bit and dog fighting is rare. Enforcement is easy—people turn in those who do unauthorized breeding of the dogs and get a $500 fine per dog . Pit bull bans help keep dogs away from the hands of dog fighters and thugs.


It’s important to remember that training and exercise are important for all dogs, regardless of breed. Lack of either or both can make any dog aggressive. Regarding your neighbors, and why they didn’t get a different dog: Have you ever visited an animal shelter in Philadelphia? A huge percentage of the dogs there are pit bulls, or pit mixes. There are thousands of them living with families in Philadelphia, but you’ll never read about them in the news because they’ll never have a problem.

I ended up adopting one myself. It wasn’t my intention to look for any particular breed, but mine is a sweet, gentle girl who needed a home. She recently passed a test certifying her as a therapy dog.

ALEX via

I do not own a pit bull, I own pugs. However, I am a huge supporter of the breed and would not hesitate owning one. I think that your article is extremely biased and based on a fear of a breed that you have no idea about. Yes, pit bulls were bred for fighting, but that’s not the role they play in society today. They are loving, affectionate, teddy bears. I know several people with them and I have never seen an ounce of aggression from any of them.

Around children, they are patient, kind and watch cautiously and protectively as they play. I’ve seen them play dress up, hide and seek and cuddle lovingly with anyone who will have them.

Every journalist should be educated and observant on the subject they are writing about—you have shown me otherwise. Before you jump the gun on banning pit bulls, stop and remind yourself that any dog is capable to bite or be aggressive; should we ban all dogs then?

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1. Anonymous said... on Mar 17, 2010 at 09:10AM

“"Pigs are closer to human DNA than monkeys." Umm . . . it is well-established that the closest living relatives of humans are chimpanzees. It is preposterous claim that that we are more closely related to a species that isn't even in the same order, let alone family, as us.”

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2. Anonymous said... on Mar 18, 2010 at 12:57PM

“It's hilarious that CJ thinks pit bull bans work because "people turn in those who do unauthorized breeding of the dogs and get a $500 fine per dog." What planet do you live on?!?! Since when did a $500 fine deter criminals making thousands of dollars off illegal activities? You are simply delusional. And I beg to differ that breed bans have decreased dog fighting. It just pushed it further underground. There are already laws against dog-fighting -- breed bans have nothing to do with that. It just makes the dogs more appealing to people who acquire them for negative/dangerous reasons. Come back to earth, CJ.”


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