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Occupational Therapy

Regarding Michael Alan Goldberg’s story about Occupy Philly:

Money has too much value in this society and not even a recession has taught the people at the top to be more humble about their wealth. I think Wall Street is a fair target but also every CEO of every corporation in the world, everyone who decides to be the next Donald Trump and back stab their mother to get there and anyone that works in government, the unions, city hall, Harrisburg or any other body who cares more about their collection of suits and their latest model car than their constituents. I don’t think you can teach people altruism but you can remove them from those positions where they will do the most harm.

RAM, via philadelphiaweekly.com

We don’t know what we are protesting, and we don’t know where we are going to do it, but darn it, if N.Y. is doing it, we have to do it! Down with, uh, stuff! I love the financial planner who is miffed about being unemployed. Excuse me, are you part of the problem? Taking a cut for disposing investment advice is no better than anything found for free on the Internet. And if you got laid off from a diner and can’t get a job in a day, then you are just incompetent.

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

I have to agree that sleeping in the park or banging drums is not going to do much if people have no idea what they want. The Occupy Wall Street thing is a disorganized mess that has no clear focus either. What do they want Wall Street to do? Obama passed new banking regulation already. Marching around with signs that say “Mean People Suck” is going to do what exactly? Zalesky says “We want our money.” What money? What money did he lose on Wall Street? Who does he think has that money? Was it like a masked robber who came in and took money out of his pockets? Stop being children. The man has kids, but the biggest kid is him. Unless you lost your 401(k) to Madoff of Goldman Sachs, what are you crying about? Where are your “losses” and what shares were devalued due to this “corruption?”

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

A Man of His Word

Regarding the 16th anniversary of the Million Man March:

I attended the first Million Man March and it is unfair and not even truthful to promote this as the second MMM. It doesn’t have the anniversary flavor or agenda from 16 years ago. This appears to be no more than a fundraiser for the minister. Not one penny will go to assisting with job creation in Philly. Not one penny will go to stop the killing of our people in Philly. Sixteen years ago the event was free, and the controversy and debate that led up to the event was part of its success. I left D.C. feeling like I had been reborn, I met brothas from as far away as Cali that I still communicate with. And again: All of this was for free, paid for by the nation. For the sake of maintaining the memories of that day I will not be attending this year’s “fundraiser” but would love to do so at the 20th if it can again be for the community and free with the sincerity of bringing the brothers together to remind us we are black men with responsibility and purpose.

BRUCE TABS, via email

Aramarked For Deletion

Regarding Eric Augenbraun’s feature about Citizens Bank Park workers unhappy with contract negotiations with Aramark:

What is Aramark’s side? It’s not clear WHY they are not working with the union? Does Aramark simply consider these jobs only part-time/seasonal and have no intentions of supporting them as full time jobs? How about the MLBPA “supporting” the protesters by sharing their wealth to fill the gap?

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

What people don’t understand is that Aramark is a vendor of whatever building they are in. They are lucky if they make half of the profit while whoever they are working for make the other half. Then they have to pay all the taxes, staff and product. While people think they make a fortune, they don’t.

MARYANNE, via philadelphiaweekly.com

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