PhillyFreecycle Means Less Junk in Your Trunk

By Rebecca VanderMeulen
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MacBride says it’s hard, if not impossible, to objectively say how much stuff Freecycle keeps out of landfills—Raval’s method is as good as any, she says. Several unknowns make estimates difficult. Will takers throw their free items away when they’re done with them? Do givers buy things to replace what they give away?

Raval admits it’s hard to gauge how much stuff PhillyFreecycle keeps off the garbage trucks, but says that doesn't diminish how much it has helped people and the environment. Plus she’s noticed a shift in how Freecycle users think of stuff in their homes—as things to keep around just when necessary. “It’s mine while I need it,” she says. “That’s a bigger accomplishment than the tonnage we’ve diverted—the mind shift.”

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1. angela said... on Mar 24, 2010 at 04:39PM

“I think this is a wonderful idea. As someone who constantly wants to give stuff away, but has trouble lifting it, well, maybe getting people to come to get it helps on both sides.

Great for the environment, too!!!

Keep up the good work.”

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2. lester santana said... on Aug 31, 2010 at 12:18PM

“i will like to join cause i help the poor and needy in amy means i can. i get from others that don't need for my cause.”


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