Jack Kelly Helps Nab Corrupt City Employee

By Aaron Kase
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Like concerned parents, we like to keep an eye on our City Council members. With their still developing brains and bodies, our representatives can be prone to poor judgment and bad decision-making, especially once hormones start raging. They need the firm and steady guidance of PhillyNow to keep them on a straight and narrow path to maturity.

That said, when a Council member does something good, it’s only fair to acknowledge it. Today’s carrot goes to Councilman-At-Large Jack Kelly, who swiftly responded when a contractor told him that City Revenue Inspector Mark Holt had solicited a cash bribe of $4,500 in exchange for a tax abatement. The unnamed contractor called Kelly, Kelly called DA Seth Williams, and Holt was arrested for accepting another bribe in a sting operation yesterday, the Inquirer reports.

It was an amazingly efficient operation. Just one phone call to City Council, a quick sting operation and one less corrupt city employee is on the streets accepting bribes—while being paid by your tax dollars.

So thank you, Councilman Kelly, for responding to your constituent’s concerns in a timely and effective manner. We mean it.

Mind you, the Councilman did tell the Inquirer that the contractor was a longtime acquaintance of his.

See? The system works! If you happen to be friends with Jack Kelly.

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