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Q: When I pass the airport exit ramp coming up 95 north, there's often a line of cars/SUVs on the ramp with their blinkers on, usually with one or two people in the car. They just seem to be hanging out there. What's the deal with those cars? Are they rentals waiting to be returned?

A: "It's people illegally parked," says Philadelphia Parking Authority spokesperson Linda Miller. "It's clearly marked 'no parking.'" She says the cars have nothing to do with the airport's rental services, but that drivers stopped there are simply killing time before picking up arriving passengers. She adds that "It's a horseshoe curve, so it's dangerous for vehicles to be parked in the right-hand lane." Airport police patrol the area for that reason. "They pull up behind each car to discourage stopping," she says, adding that they will occasionally ticket motorists. Miller suggests people use the parking garages instead of creating a hazard on the off-ramp. "The parking rate is reasonable," she says. Short-term parking in ground-level garages close to the terminal's baggage claim areas is $3 for up to a half-hour and $5 for up to an hour. A call to the airport yields the same response: a recommendation to park in a garage, then go inside to wait. The airport plans to add 6,000 parking spaces partly in response to the Transportation Security Administration's rule that prohibits unattended cars from being parked at terminal doors. So limited parking will soon become an even less compelling excuse for idling in the passenger pickup area. If you're looking to save a few bucks without becoming a danger to yourself or others, your best bet is to check with the airport to see if the flight is arriving as scheduled. With the flight number handy, call the Philadelphia International Airport at 800.PHL.GATE or log on to its website at www.phl.org.

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