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Regarding last week’s Sexy Issue:

Great article. Probably one of my all-time favorite lines, “Show me a woman who doesn’t want to learn how to twirl tassels with her tits and I will show you a creature with no dreams at all.”

OJ via

Love the article, I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m the one quoted at the beginning of the story with the boots and ATM comment. The things us girls hear when we dance.

I was also happy that the Dolphin Tavern was mentioned. More people should really go to this place. It’s a hidden gem.


Regarding Brian Hickey’s recent profile of a woman suffering from sexual addiction:

Enough with the proselytizing! I am a sex addict, a real one. I went to SLAA for nine months. I stopped attending those meetings because this is what I found:

1. A bunch of emasculated straight guys feeling inadequate about anything sexual (i.e., a guy going to counseling because he wants to stop liking women other than his wife).

2. A bunch of closet cases that want to “surrender” the sexual orientation they do not accept, mistaking it for “addiction” (i.e, a guy who wants to marry a woman to “stop acting out”).

3. A bunch of certified/certifiable people talking all kinds of nonsense. (i.e., a woman that talks about her inner child as if it’s sitting next to her).

4. The one that actually made me quit: A bunch of fundamental religious bullies that want to impose their religious beliefs and nonsense on other people. They are using the program as a cult. Should I mention that SLAA is also called “The Saint Augustine Fellowship”?

5. A culture of dependence and addiction to recovery itself. I never saw anyone smiling or being spontaneous about anything. People seem to get off by finding issues in everything; even when they share about some accomplishment, they always seem to find something bad to say about it (i.e., I’m 90 days sober but I feel like I’m dying).

I wish I could endorse and recommend SLAA, but I can’t. My issue with SLAA is the same that I have with any other non-substance related 12-step program. Sex addiction and how it manifests is a self-diagnosed condition. That opens the door to anyone that claims to be a sex addict, whether or not they in fact are. That makes those programs very attractive to all kinds of weirdoes and people who have issues with their sexuality, sex in general, neurotic guilt, and other disorders around sex that have nothing to do with addiction.

Sex addition is real; recovery is real too. But I don’t need to share my personal business in such an environment. I refuse to take part in supporting other people’s sexual dysfunctions under the mask of “addiction”. Good for Patricia that it worked for her. As for me, I’m doing just fine without SLAA.

ALBERTO ROMAN South Philadelphia

Regarding J. Cooper Robb’s recent stage profile of Evan Jonigkeit:

Apparently this reporter did not do his research as he left this fine actor’s roles at Walnut Street Theatre out of the article. I first saw this actor in Natural History at the Walnut and remember his powerful performance in A Streetcar Named Desire . More Philadelphian’s would know him from the Walnut than all of these other theatres combined.


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