Holidays 2009: Disaster Stories

It's been an awful year. But we've seen worse holidays.

By PW Staff and Contributors
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Text Debacle of '08

A cousin of mine on my dad's side had triplets with his wife and one Christmas they had a christening for the three babies—our family was in attendance for the service and reception that followed. At the party—with nutmeg and holiday shots flowing—I met a young lady who was related to my cousin's wife and ended up making out with her in the bathroom. Upon leaving, I got her digits as well as the number of my older cousin, Ricky, whom I hadn't seen since I was a kid. Both numbers had the same area code. On the ride home I texted the girl with something flirtatious and the cousin with a, 'Should definitely meet up in the city sometime' sort of basic text. I continued texting the girl for the next couple. At least I thought so. Then I realized—after actually bothering to call one—I had in fact mixed up the numbers. Turns out I had been sending romantic-tinged messages to my older cousin Ricky. Being related to me, he seized on my faux pas immediately and stayed in character for the long-running gag.

— Andrew Amundsen

Ties that unbind

Last Thanksgiving I joined a little more than a dozen other folks at my girlfriend’s grandmother’s house—I was the only one who wasn’t a family member or close enough to be considered one. I never really understood why people chose not to talk about religion or politics at the dinner table until the conversation drifted to the election of Barack Obama. The family, who were all registered Democrats, just ganged up on this poor grandmother because she voted for John McCain. Their cross examination got heated and the defense was not willing to hear the other side of the argument. “I wouldn’t mind Republicans if they weren’t all so dumb,” said one aunt. That was the tipping point. The grandmother kicked us all out of her house in the middle of dinner. I learned to not always accept invitations to a free meal and grandma didn’t have Thanksgiving at her house this year.

— Greg Adomitis

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