Fellow weed activists decry NA Poe’s sentence

By Randy LoBasso
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“No way,” he said. “In the format of a monthly—what we’ve been doing, I think, we’ve followed a formula for a year. I think we’re probably going to change that formula in 2014.”

None of the protesters were open about what changing the formula for 2014 necessarily meant, but they all agreed that a change was probably happening.

“I think that Mr. Goldberg is going to have his hands full because we’re not going to stop organizing,” said Maria. “And we’re not going to stop going to the park … so they better budget for extra resources this year because we’re not going to let up. And although our friend will not be allowed to be there, I’m certainly allowed to be there, you’re certainly allowed to be there, and we’re all going to continue. Whether it’s in the national historic park, whether it’s in Harrisburg, whether it’s in Trenton or the District of Columbia, we’ll assert our rights to change these unfair laws.”

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1. John S. James said... on Dec 22, 2013 at 11:24PM

“The real problem here is that the U.S. and local ruling classes don't know what they are doing. They attack protesters and others who get out of line, because they can't think of what else to do. This is how empires die.

Instead, our rulers should get a clue about the increasing difficulty of earning a living wage. Corporations no longer need all the "natural persons" available (and never will need them again), creating a race-to-the-bottom, low-wage whirlpool that is sucking in more and more of the population, which still needs food and shelter. Meanwhile, it doesn't help that the global ultra rich buy up houses en masse for investment, raising housing prices and rents, putting minimal living expenses further out of reach.

Ideas, please. What are we going to do now? How long must we wait for leaders and politicians to get their peoples' backs, instead of stabbing them there?”

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2. cassidy said... on Oct 9, 2015 at 09:19PM

“Useful discussion ! I Appreciate the analysis . Does anyone know if I might get a fillable 2011 DHS 591 form to complete ?”


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