Domelights' Dimming Bulbs?

The notorious site may get shut down permanently. 
Is that a good thing? 

By Liz Spikol 
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It should come as no surprise that, the self-proclaimed “voice of the good guys”—on which city workers share opinions—is being sued. Since 2000, the controversial forums there—Philadelphia Blue (cops), Steam Vent (various), Philly’s Bravest (firefighters and paramedics)—have been a frequent target of anger and mockery in the Philadelphia blogosphere and in the “liberal media” that the posters deride. The site has also been disavowed by other officers who think many posters are racist 
yahoos—the proverbial few bad apples—who make the PPD, especially, look bad.

Now, after nine years of hosting dubious comments about African-Americans, the site and its moderator, “McQ,” are being sued by the Guardian Civic League, the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers and the NAACP. The League’s Rochelle Bilal, a frequent target of vitriol on the site, is the lead plaintiff. 

Due to the lawsuit, the forums, which were once open to any viewers, are now closed to anyone who was not registered previously. That’s a shame. The Philadelphia Blue forum was often a revealing look into the hearts and minds of cops on the beat—many of them white officers going into black neighborhoods. Witnessing them debate things like whether the people they’re supposed to protect deserve protection or whether those people are “savages” was … enlightening. It was also enlightening to see other Domelights commenters—themselves officers—tell the racists to shut the hell up.

We at PW will dearly miss Domelights. It was a window into a world civilians don’t often have access to. Here are some unedited highlights of the site’s more inflammatory 

• [About Congress having a moment of silence for Michael Jackson]: The Animals are running the zoo.....

relax mista black man. dont be mad that michael jackson hated being black. so he shrunk his nose and straightened his hair and bleached his skin to look powder white. and has white kids. dont be mad that prez 44 is 1/2 whitey. you can have those slug boses u mentioned. oh and u mentioned mcnabb...hmm..43 superbowls and only ONE doug williams. go figure.

I do consider myself a trashman or zookeeper on a daily basis. 

Calling them animals is wrong!!! Animals atleast take care of their young. They are something much worse.

Animal references are too kind for certain people. People like most animals.

• Why is it every time I go into the projects that are supposed to house people who have little more than a pot to pi$$ in I see that 95% of the houses have satellite dishes, flatscreen TVs and more video games than a GameStop? God knows we paid for it ’cause they sure as $hit didn’t work for it! 

• It’s amazing how well blacks—as in the ones who don’t do a damn thing except sit on their lazy a$$es, sip Welch’s grape, watch 106th & Park and commit gunpoint robberies in between—have it in this country, despite their best attempts to paint the opposite. No work, all play, and Maury all day!!!

• And guardian civic league is RACIST. deal with it none of you(blacks) were slaves so stop crying F**K You

• Why do we call them animals? Do you work in the area’s that these posters are referring to? Do you see how “they” treat their children? Look at how “they” live. Look at their general disregard for human life. You can come back with the obvious, “it’s poverty, no jobs, no education” or whatever else you want to do to keep “them” from having any sort of self accountibility. 

• “they” Are animals plain and simple 

• You are better off BECAUSE of slavery. NOT in spite of it.

• Enough is enough already. Get up on your own 2 feet and stop acting like you deserve anything from anybody.You don’t. And, while we’re waiting, maybe you can sweep up in front of your houses. Poverty doesn’t mean you have to live like pigs. And tell tamika to stop having 6 kids by 4 different fathers by the time she’s 22. That might help too. Just because a guy winks at ya girlfriend, don’t mean you gotta spread you legs. ‘specially when ya ain’t got a pot to p*ss in already.

• I am getting sick & tired of the colored/negro/black/african american/ or whatever you call yourself today telling me I am to blame for your problems. Blame the damn tribal chiefs who sold you into slavery 300 years ago. They thought more of some trinkets than they did of your ancestors. Don’t tell me I owe you anything, because I don’t owe you sh1t. And don’t tell me you deserve preferential treatment to get jobs and promotions. Get a fvcking education and make something out of yourselves. Or is that too much like work.

• Where I work is an area where black people own 700” plasma TVs, drive Caddilac Escalades, never seem to go to work, and have every Nintendo Wii game there is, but thier kids sleep 4 to a bed in a house infested with livestock that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in years.

• Kids, along with adults can’t speak proper English or spell at a 3rd grade level, but they can sing among “theyselves” the lyrics to a rap song.

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1. Anonymous said... on Jul 22, 2009 at 03:04AM

“This doesn't sound like dubious comments to me. Rather, I'd say these are candid insights into what the officers see on a daily basis....just without all the political correctness getting in the way. The black community may not like the words, but maybe they should start trying to figure out how to fix the mess they are in, rather than shooting the messenger.”

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2. hotcrossedout said... on Jul 22, 2009 at 12:15PM

“You say 'candid', the rest of the world says 'disgusting, racist and fucked'.”

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3. roxy said... on Jul 22, 2009 at 01:07PM

“bigots love talking about "political correctness" when excusing their bigotry. guess what, dude? calling poor people and non-white people animals and savages is actually and truly fucked up and racist. philly cops are the real animals, and luckily the citizens seem to be giving them what they deserve.”

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4. C said... on Jul 22, 2009 at 01:48PM

“"Shooting the messenger"? You think people of color and those living in poverty have no idea about the types of socioeconomic issues they are up against in this fucked up corporate white male dominated society? What message are you talking about exactly? The message that they are "animals"? Anyone who can read the above comments and identify with these sentiments are refusing to be accountable for their own actions/ beliefs/ way of life that create and sustain poverty, racism, and many other oppressive regimes that exist today”

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5. White Russian said... on Jul 22, 2009 at 03:45PM

“I love to be politically correct.However, blacks bitched when they were ruled by whites in all the countries of Africa.But, now that they are ruling themselves, all I see is corruption at the highest level. The majority are unfed,uneducated and lack no motivation to improve their situation.All the billions in aid yearly never reach the starving but are making a few blacks multi-millionaires.
The welfare system in America penalizes anyone trying to pull themselves out of poverty.”

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6. Anonymous said... on Jul 23, 2009 at 07:51AM

“Get a life you toad.”

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7. Anonymous said... on Jul 25, 2009 at 07:07PM

“It's amazing how so many racists talk about poor people of color and their lack of education and how lazy they are.By some of the comment posted it is obvious that you don't know your history about Africa and how whites have raped it of it natural resources of people and minerals thru the use of divide and conquer then threw in white supremacy along with that to break the back of all people of color the world.”

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8. AJ said... on Jul 26, 2009 at 10:12AM

“I'm a young black man and after reading some of the opinions by the cops on this webpage, I agree with a good part of it. I was raised in north philly and I see the way other black people act in this generation. The parents are terrible, they act like the way the kids today are acting is acceptable and the kids are worst because they don't believe they have anything to live for. Its a shame. How could you blame the cops fo calling them animals. That is what half of them act like. At least animals have remorse for their actions and they kill for reasons.”

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9. Anonymous said... on Jul 27, 2009 at 06:17AM

“Does anyone know if there is anywhere we can send donations to help with legal support for domelights? Whether you agree with the OPINIONS or not, this is america and FREE Speach is not to be persecuted! Any info on donations would be appreciated.”

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10. Anonymous said... on Sep 3, 2009 at 06:07AM

“this site should be shut down and any cop that post here should be jailed
yes there is freedom of speach,white people still hating on black people ,get over it we will be here untill the end and we will continue to be heard, thank god for our greatest president ever obama”


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