Cover Me Rad: Portraying the Counter-Cultural Revolution

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 Village Voice, 1996: PW tapped into the amazing story of homeless activist Cheri Honkala very early on. She transformed the lives of the poor in Philadelphia. This was an example of the alt press covering a story that wasn't seen elsewhere.










Rowhouse Raid, 1985: MOVE was the biggest nationally covered Philly story since the bicentennial in 1976. The Welcomat highlighted what it called the lack of "human decency" on the part of the mayor. A lot of people felt the MOVE folks deserved what came to them, on some level. The Welcomat didn't buy it.







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1. Jim Russo said... on May 4, 2011 at 07:55AM

“It's great to see a shout out to your predecessor. Perhaps these articles could be instructive...Philly's "alternative" news publications have descended into the abyss of hipster coolness, trendspotting and evocations of "ME-first, first-person" journalism. Time to bring back compelling writing and some-issue oriented features.”


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