College 101: A Student's Guide to Navigating Philly

By PW Staff
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Great Places to Eat After Midnight

1. Little Pete’s, 216 S. 17th St. Wedged into a tiny nook near Rittenhouse Square, Little Pete’s serves up some of the finest diner food in Philly, 24 hours a day. Stop in any hour of the night and sample the delicious American fare, as well as the waitresses’ famous bad attitudes.

2. South Street Diner, 140 South St. Another famous Philly diner, only this one is nine times the size of Little Pete’s, and they sell delicious pastries.

3. Makkah Market, 4249 Walnut St. Makkah is a hidden gem in West Philly. It’s a grocery/Muslim bookstore/dine-in and take-out restaurant that delivers Middle-Eastern food 24 hours a day. ’Nuff said.

4. Pat’s/Geno’s, Ninth Street and Passyunk Avenue. Neither Pat’s nor Geno’s makes the best steaks in Philly. However, these steak purveyors can be like an oasis in a hot desert at 2 a.m. when the room is spinning and you’re craving something hot and filling. (Michael Polinsky)

Places to Order From Before Midnight

1. Carnival Pizza and Wings, 3062 N. 23rd St. Carnival serves the Temple University area with fast delivery and unbelievably good and inexpensive food.

2. Tiffin, 710 W. Girard Ave. Out-of-this-world Indian cuisine, delivered to your home or dorm, at reasonable prices. What more do you want?

3. Pattaya, 4006 Chestnut St. Thai food done right. Their hours aren’t the best but it’s well worth waiting until dinner time to feast on this.

4. Greek Lady, 224 S. 40th St. Ever had a gyro? Ever had a gyro with french fries inside? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. The classic lamb, the chicken and the veggie gyros are all worth the nominal price. (M.P.)

Six Ways to Avoid Writing That Paper

1. Check out all the books appropriate to your topic from the library. Construct a fort and hide from all responsibilities/deadlines.

2. Develop a sudden keen interest in a time-consuming hobby, eg. oil painting, scrapbooking, long-distance running, Tetris.

3. Realize you’ve been missing out on a cultural phenomenon and scramble to catch up on Lost / Mad Men/14 cycles of America’s Next Top Model … before the due date.

4. Call your parents. You’ve haven’t spoken to them since they refused to fund Mexico Spring Break 2011 (fuckers) but they’d love to hear from you now. So would your grandparents. And Aunt Sue. And your second cousins from Wisconsin.

5. Wonder what happened to your seventh-grade crush/the exchange student from Chile/elementary school pen pal? Google can turn up their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profile, inevitable food blog, and tax records so you can fill in the holes.

6. Did you know you can play Oregon Trail online? Grueling pace, bare-bones rations, and go! (Lauren Smith)

Tips for Driving in Philly

1. If the street is large enough for two cars to fit side by side, it’s a two-way street, even if the cars are only inches apart. Don’t be the person driving straight down the middle.

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1. Sarah said... on Aug 25, 2010 at 11:16AM

“How could you not mention the food trucks that abound on each and every campus!”

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2. Heather said... on Aug 26, 2010 at 04:15AM

“These lists are awful. Did your out-of-town college interns put this together?

Michael Polinsky - Have you ever gone to a live show in Philly? Who goes to the Marbar for live music!?! How does Johnny Brenda's not make the list!?! Is PW really that out of touch?

Someone needs to get a clue at the Philly Weekly, and in the end, the editors should be held responsible for this crap being printed. Also, the music section hasn't been any good since Doug Wallen left.

Keep wasting your energy on "Week's Worst" and trying to imitate Philebrity, another snarky site that certainly isn't pulling the traffic that it used to.”

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3. mary said... on Aug 29, 2010 at 05:02PM

“i agree with Heather “These lists are awful. Did your out-of-town college interns put this together?" How do you skip over Newdelhi in west philly, that place is always packed with college kids!”

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4. MPO said... on Jan 25, 2012 at 06:40PM

“Hey there, sorry I didn't include your favorite spot, but Philly has a million venues and restaurants. This is a short list of places college freshman can go to see shows. Johnny Brenda's rarely has all-ages shows, plus the stage is ten feet off the ground. As for restaurants, I like lots of places that aren't on these lists too.

Good that you're passionate about Philly though. I love the city of my birth.”


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