Better Than Best: Sex & Sports

By PW Staff
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Best Porn Site

If there’s one thing people love with their news, it’s porn. Seriously. Some of the biggest news media outlets—Fox News, The Sun, the New York Post, uh, basically all Murdoch media—have been masking “sexy bikini shots” as news for as long as there’s been an Internet. Not to be outdone,, too, gives those seeking a fleshy outlet in their cubicle some thumbnails to get that lovin’ feeling to. Right now, here are some of’s “Photo Galleries” viewable from the front page: “Eagles cheerleader calendar shoot”; “Holly Madison, ex-Playmate”; “Kendra Wilkinson”; “2011 Daily News Sexy Singles”; and “Video: Passion prep for Lingerie Bowl.” The Passion, of course, being Philadelphia’s cleavage-y representation in the all-women’s Lingerie Football League.

Best Marriage of Skin & Sport

Speaking of the Passion, it’s fair to say that everyone on earth has at least a passing interest in organized sports, and an unbreakable lifelong obsession with sex. Can the two meet? Maybe on pay-per-view, but most definitely on basic cable. Check MTV2 listings for the Philadelphia Passion, the reigning Eastern Conference champs in the Lingerie Football League. It’ll offer all the athleticism, ball handling, lingerie and scoring that a healthy American can witness without blushing.

Philadelphia Passion. phillypassion

Sexiest Class for Your Body & Mind

Nicole Carlin hopes her classes will “empower all women to love and worship their bodies, build self-confidence, connect with a group and find their inner goddess.” Just ask Carlin, founder and director of POP Fizz Burlesque, or one of her POP Fizzies, to come to your house for the next bachelorette party/girl’s night-in. Or, she’ll book a studio for her burlesque dance class. She starts with a brief historical background of burlesque, helps you get into character with props (feather boas for all!), blares some big band or ’40s-inspired tunes and then teaches a full burlesque routine (nudity implied). Carlin also hosts burlesque workshops, so check out the website for upcoming fall/winter dates.

Pop Fizz Academy, 267.217.3499.

Best New Philly Sports Heartthrob

We all know the Phillies have the hottest lineup in MLB (the uniforms don’t hurt, either). But perhaps it’s time we move on and admire the slew of hot young tail over on the Eagles’ roster. While sadly, many of the new rookies look a little pubescent, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin is the perfect combination of baby-face and brawn. His adorable dimples and proven skills on the field make tuning in on Sundays all that much more much exciting, even if the game itself isn’t.

Best Place to Make Homemade Pasties

You know you want to don a skirt made of fruit and balloons and shake your moneymaker somewhere other than your bedroom. Enter Annie A-Bomb, AKA Anna Frangiosa, the local grand dame of the glittery arts whose gloved hand played a significant role in the local burlesque renaissance. Between penning and performing in musicals with Cabaret Red Light, Anna runs the Philadelphia School of Burlesque, where she hosts workshops on how to get sexy. She calls this one a crash course in all things burlesque: She’ll teach classic moves and give DIY costume tips designed to rig clothes to be ripped off in fancy ways. Students will also learn how to fashion a pair of homemade tasseled pasties. By the end of the workshop, the adventurous can slip into their nips and learn to do the egg-beater, that tittie-tassel move that made Elaine cry in The Graduate .

Philadelphia School of Burlesque, One day only: Sat., Nov. 5.


Best Philly Sports Play

It was once assumed that people who worship Philadelphia’s sports teams have little interest in theater. That hypothesis was proven emphatically incorrect by local playwright Bruce Graham and his wildly successful play The Philly Fan . An 80-minute solo play about a rabid Philadelphia sports fan, Fan is filled with memories of great moments in local sports history. It’s also a poignant story about loyalty to family, friends and a city that has given its fans more than their share of heartache. Starring a brilliant Tom McCarthy (who also conceived the story), Fan was originally produced by Theatre Exile in 2004 and has gone to have approximately 14 productions, including an upcoming run at People’s Light & Theatre Company in Malvern Oct. 25-Nov. 20. Even if you don’t know Michael Vick from Chase Utley, if you’re from Philly you’ll be an instant fan of Graham’s rousing play.

Best Display of Eagles Pride in a Theatrical Performance

If you got a chance to see Heavy Metal Dance Fag , produced by Tribe of Fools at Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, you witnessed one of strongest productions there. Set in South Philly, the play deals with the traditional gender roles in a dance-fueled quest for acceptance and understanding. The heady subject matter is punctuated by light-hearted moments, including a tight-fitting, sequined, Kelly green dress whose draping sleeves were opened to reveal team’s Eagles logo to audience cheers. It seems difficult to find a stronger theatrical representation of football culture that runs through the city.

Tribe of Fools,

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1. Brenna said... on Oct 19, 2011 at 12:52PM

“Can you please lay off the constant harping on female sexuality. Please. Enough. Enough of your nervous, giggly, childish coverage of pasties. Enough about the burlesque. Cover- just once- one of the many amazing dancers in our city who keep their clothes on. Enough of trying to convince me that I should be taking classes to learn how to strip for my health. Enough shoving the female form in my face, again and again and again. Pages and pages, week after week. I understand that advertising Porn and prostitution is the only reason why this paper is still in business. But enough. Your childish obsession with female sexuality does not encourage women to own and love their bodies. It teaches women to own their sexuality only as on object for men to view. Not enough to touch- but to VIEW.

People say print journalism is dying. Save it. Inspire me. Connect me to the events, the moments that make this city great. Please, I am asking you. You can do better than cover "titties." Can't you?”

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2. Bunny said... on Oct 19, 2011 at 01:07PM

“First of all, Brenna, WORD. THANK YOU for saying what most of the Weekly's female readers must be afraid to say, because clearly the Weekly keeps running this crap week after week and not facing the widescale disgust that (I hope) we are all feeling.

Second of all, Sex and Sports? Why not just name this the "stuff we hope gets guys off" section? I mean, have more respect for your female readers but have more respect for your male ones as well! Why do you have to underestimate every possible gender?”

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3. Anonymous said... on Oct 19, 2011 at 04:22PM

“What's wrong with female sexuality? What's wrong with stuff men get off on? Grow up, Brenna and Bunny. The world extends beyond your narrow, biased GWS classroom mentality.”

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4. mpc said... on Oct 20, 2011 at 09:04AM

“i agree, anonymous. while i understand brenna/bunny's POV to a certain extent, they should read a bit more carefully. Check out POPFIZZ for instance which is mentioned in this section. This is strictly a dance class (I went to a bachelorette party that used them!) and there is NO nudity or anything like that. Just a fun dance class with a real dance instructor. Isn't that what you're saying you want more of?”

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5. brenna said... on Oct 21, 2011 at 11:22AM

“My comments are about PW's coverage only. Not the classes, or the places or the people. It is all fine and great and part of the wide world of tastes and experiences.

It is a call to the paper to not focus so much on it's juvenile sense of sex.

So please, read my comment "a bit more carefully" and see that it is addressed to the PW and not about "stuff that men get off on".

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6. 1armedscissor said... on Oct 22, 2011 at 11:08PM

“Do you guys even watch Eagles games? Because, judging from your piece "The Best Reason To Boycott The Eagles", it looks like all you do is take a look at the stat sheet and then try to talk like you actually watched the game. If you did spend any time watching the games, you would notice specific things. Like the fact that nearly all of Mike Vick's interceptions are not his fault. They were results of Vick being hit while throwing, the ball being tipped at the line, and receivers being unreliable. It's not like Kevin Kolb, where he would look a linebacker in the eyes and throw it right to him. And speaking of Kolb, saying that Vick has not been much better than him is giving way too much credit to Kolb. Did you guys know Mike Vick is breaking records, both personal and league-wide, this year? And you say he is the team's problem? Try watching the games before making judgements, guys.”

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7. Steph said... on Nov 3, 2011 at 09:02PM

“Thanks for this article! I enjoyed it! I think hockey has the hottest men. They're just so rugged and strong. LOL. There's a good discussion of this over at TC Huddle. I found your article looking for more opinions on this.

This is a good article. Thanks! Here's the article that led me here if you're interested:”

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8. Krav Maga said... on Sep 6, 2012 at 01:45AM

“For the Krav Maga classes at Sweat Fitness and our Headquarters in Bucks County check out”


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