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Ever wonder how and why Milton Street got 25 percent of the Democratic primary vote against Mayor Michael Nutter? It all boiled down to the unions. See, the mayor likes to say he’s pro-union, a real go-getter on that front, but the unions aren’t buying that. After all, the firefighters have had to endure rolling brownouts throughout the Nutter Administration due to cuts. And District Council 33 hasn’t had a contract since 2009. Actually, of the four city unions, three are without a contract. So the firefighters’ union endorsed Street during the primary. As did the city’s largest blue-collar union, DC 33 of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, who represent 9,900 trash haulers and workers from the city’s water, recreation, health and fleet departments. But that didn't stop Nutter. He appeared at the city’s Labor Day festivities on Columbus Boulevard, was booed like the Mets at the Cit, and said he wants all the city’s unions to have “full, multi-year contracts,” without actually, you know, doing anything about it.


Best DROP Kick

Frank DiCicco is leaving City Council after this term is done—and not a moment too soon. The 1st District representative who joined DROP back in 2007 began his re-election campaign last winter by announcing he was going to try getting out of the program after it became unpopular amongst voters, as his three challengers relentlessly attacked him on it. Things must have become too difficult, because before we knew it, DiCicco decided to take the money and run. And all he asked in return was the promise that he could spend the rest of his miserable time on City Council proposing legislation that would shelter the homeless in prison, for the crime of homelessness. Now, it’s been reported that he’s got a cushy job waiting for him as a lobbyist for Philadelphia Strategies Group LLC as soon as he hits the streets.


Best Reason to Consider Philadelphia a Bona Fide Architectural Contender

Any Philadelphian who’s had the distinct pleasure of whiling away an hour or so at the new Race Street Pier knows what an incredible addition it is to the city’s architectural portfolio. The views of the Ben Franklin Bridge and the Delaware River beyond are stunning, and the brilliant multilevel design gives visitors the odd sensation of practically floating above the water. When you consider that the park was designed and built by James Corner Field Operations, the same firm responsible for the High Line in Manhattan, it’s tough not to consider the various other Philadelphia locales with the potential to be equally transformed from urban decay into post-modern beauty. (We’re looking at you, Reading Viaduct).


Most Desirable Gay Bar Employee Who’s Also In Porn

In this super-internetty world we live in, the separation between real life and fantasy (porn) can smack you in the face at its surprising intersection. Suddenly you find yourself speaking to, spotting or serving a man you’ve seen get railed by a 6-foot-3, 250-pound muscle man on a flashy set in California. But, you’re clothed, and in Philly, and you have a regular job? And you’re right in front of me? Sean Everett is an inveterate performer on the high-class, expensive titan of manly straight-oriented-fantasies porn site Randy Blue. He also manages to snatch up some cash at iCandy in various forms wearing a STAFF T-shirt and making fanboys’ hearts race.


Best Prototype Neighborhood

In the 1920s, the Philadelphia Inquirer deemed Garden Court “the most exclusive location in West Philadelphia.” The small residential neighborhood, which has retained much of its ‘20s charm, is bound by Pine and Larchwood avenues, roughly between 46th and 50th streets, and was specifically designed as a streetcar suburb. As such, every block contains either a separate garage accessible by the service lane or an internal garage at the rear of each house. With its tree-lined streets, bountiful gardens and recognizable set of architectural features consistent throughout the community—sand-colored or deep red brick with stucco, half-timber and decorative/Spanish-tiled roofs—Garden Court seems more like a fairy tale land than an actual city neighborhood.


Best Rapper From Here Who Nobody Knows Is From Here

He’s repped the West his entire career. He was in the middle of one of the greatest rap feuds ever and an artist on one of hip-hop’s most legendary labels, Death Row Records. Though he identifies publicly with Snoop and Daz and them, Kurupt is originally from Darby Township in Sharon Hill and you can still catch him there from time to time catching breakfast at Happy Days cornerstore, copping a brew at Dixon’s Lounge or just out and about chatting it up with the residents he knows from way back.


Best Place to See Who Fucked Whom in West Philly On Friday Night

It happens every Friday night. West Philadelphians leave their homes with good intentions—some want to enjoy a sophisticated night of art, maybe casual conversation—but they all end up slammin’ PBRs and shootin’ whiskey at Fiume, Dahlak or Elena’s. They get way loose. They make a new friend, and after last call, they find themselves stumbling back to their new friend’s shitty apartment to fuck on sofas, floors and beds. Then, they wake up Saturday morning, and like lemmings to the sea, head straight for Clark Park Farmers’ Market to eat tacos and buy tomatoes and arugula. It’s both sad and hilarious.

Clark Park Farmers’ Market, 43rd St. and Baltimore Ave.

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1. Patricia T said... on Oct 21, 2011 at 02:17PM

“I would like to comment on the article about "Latest Homegrown Talent to Escape Philly - Mike Taylor". 1st it's always great to see that he has been mentioned in Philadelphia Weekly, but the title is definitely not correct. He didn't "escape Philly", he is just expanding his wings. Philly will always be 1st in his heart & he will be back. Whether it's Philly or L.A., let's continue to support him.”

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2. Anonymous said... on Oct 26, 2011 at 08:48PM

“What is the Rathaus!”

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3. Anonymous said... on Oct 27, 2011 at 08:14AM



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