"I May Get a Wild Hair."

The many sides of baseball wife Anna Benson.

By Kate Kilpatrick
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"I drive a 7 Series BMW, which is boring," she says. "Maybe if Kris signs to the Phillies I'll get a nice [sports] car."

She's working on recording an album, and is also considering writing books--"maybe just short Jenny McCarthy-type books." She's interested in journalism and television too. Modeling, it seems, has taken a back seat.

"I'm not saying I'm not ever going to do another [photo] shoot, but it's not what I care to do right now. I'm more interested in sports announcing or television."

It's not clear which of these aspirations is most likely to pan out. Or if Anna is actually serious about any of them.

Moments later the ambitious, independent, career-minded Anna Benson shifts into subdued, stay-at-home-mom mode.

"I may end up doing nothing," she concludes. "I may just bore everybody."

But one thing is clear: If Kris makes the major-league team, Anna's looking forward to more than a fancy new sports car.

"We want more babies. If he signs to Philadelphia, I'll be pregnant in the next month I'm sure," she says, explaining that the couple is delaying pregnancy until they figure out where they're settling down. "It's a long time [seven years] since I've been pregnant. We want at least two more. I'm willing to have as many as he'll give me."

"I'm a homebody. I stay home a lot. There'll be weeks where I don't leave the house. People get on my ass about it, but I like it. I like being home--it's a nice, quiet place. I don't need to go anywhere."

It's another side of Anna that runs contrary to her public persona. And although she says she's a happy person--"I'm extremely blessed, probably more than I deserve"--a kind of melancholy finds a way of creeping into her conversation.

"I'm not a Democrat or Republican, but I'm a capitalist. I'll probably vote for McCain, but I don't like any of them," she says when asked about politics. "I try to stay away from politics because it's frustrating. I'm not educated enough about it to do much commenting. I've been going through life with blinders on. Kris does that--I learned it from watching him. Everything's always hunky-dory. I'm training myself, because I was the eternal pessimist. The glass wasn't half-empty--it was totally empty. I got too pessimistic for a while. I had a lot of rotten things happen to me."

It's at these times that the outgoing but presumably unfulfilled wild child proves thoughtful and down-to-earth. Her bluntness might get her in trouble at times, but it also gives her a humility of sorts and--despite the 34-DD breasts and perfect body--makes her seem unexpectedly real. There's a sense that life has thrown more than a few pitches at Anna Benson's head.

"I'm close to my parents now, but they didn't make me who I am. I made myself," Anna offers, adding that she left home when she was 16, was pregnant at 17, and stumbled through her teen years by trial and error. "Everybody needs somebody to look up to. You can't just look up to Madonna."

Unfortunately the one mentor Anna did find, her best friend, died in a late-night car crash in January.

"She was like an older sister to me. I was going downhill fast. I stopped eating," she says, still devastated by the tragedy. "She mentored me a lot, so I don't know. I guess I have to find somebody else now."

On a positive note, Benson says she looks forward to moving to Philly. She and Kris are looking at houses in New Jersey.

"I had a great time in Baltimore. I loved New York. I haven't been to a state or city I don't like," she says optimistically.

As for getting along with the other wives, she has no concerns. "It's not like we're all throwing slumber parties. Most of the socialization is in the stands. Am I going to so-and-so's baby shower? More than likely. It's the same as if you went to a different school. Some people you like, some you don't like."

And the notoriously rambunctious Philly fans? No concern there either.

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