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The Iron Lady
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about state Rep. Brendan Boyle voting against the Pennsylvania legislature’s move to honor the late Margaret Thatcher:


Why are Pennsylvania legislators even wasting time and taxpayer money debating such a ridiculous resolution anyhow? Is there some special connection between Thatcher and the state? Slow day in Harrisburg? I’m sure her family’s grief is unchanged because of this.

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I guess the final result was as expected, but I must say that Rep. Brendan Boyle has the courage of conviction. One may like or dislike Maggie Thatcher but it’s difficult to deny the depth and influence of her policies.

Kris Shipley
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Kudos to my State Rep., Brendan Boyle, for standing up and telling the real story about this Northern Irish oppressing, union busting, Mandela-trashing hater. Death simply does not forgive one their trespasses, especially when they result in death from persecution and war as well as suffering and destitution caused by her government. She was a modern day Queen Victoria, complete with the potato famine.

Jack Malloy
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48 PA state representatives have some stones? Who knew?

Phil Perspective
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Here Come the Asimov Fans from Elsewhere
More responses to PW’s petition to have a historical marker placed in West Philly where Isaac Asimov wrote his landmark Foundation trilogy:


Asimov’s grandiose vision is a significantly important part of our cultural history. It’s likely his vision of a multi-solar community will be referenced still by those generations which will come to live around distant suns.

Calvin Rawlings
Chelmsford, United Kingdom



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