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By PW Readers
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Got Ya, Philly Mag

In response to last week’s cover story, a parody of Philadelphia magazine’s controversial 
“Being White in Philly” piece:

Thank you, PW. Now will you address the real problems with the blank-stare editorial, writing and art departments of Philadelphia magazine? In fact, let’s have a contest to see if anyone who lives in Philadelphia identifies with any snot in that rag.


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Hilarious cover. Lame “article.” You shoulda quit when you were ahead. 


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From the Twitterverse:

Huge kudos to @PhillyWeekly for their hilarious parody of the incredibly stupid Philly Mag piece about how hard it is to be white. Bwah! — CozyHerbivore

@PhillyWeekly Thanks for getting it right, unlike some local rag that shall go unmentioned. I, too, find it hard to be so effin hot. — inVinceWil

But seriously though: @PhillyWeekly wins the week, the month, and perhaps the whole entire year so far with that cover. 
— kofiabiney

@PhillyWeekly’s mirror needs some Tylenol and a cool wash cloth. The collateral damage of #beinghotinphilly. —joelchoffmann

Give Him a Han

In response to Han Dynasty’s revamped monthly dinners:

I’ve been to two tasting dinners and eat in University City at least 2-3 times a week. I’ve tried it all! Honestly, only once did I not love the dish. The whole fish and the lobster is to die for! Incredible. Never disappointed, and the staff literally bends over backward to please you. Especially Han’s sister and cousin. I took my 8 and 9-year-old daughters and they had the dishes prepared with the sauce on the side so the girls could enjoy it, too. I stay away on the weekends—too crowded. Other then that, I’m in gastronomic love! 


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If you like Han Dynasty and tastings, pop over to the UCity location for the next beer dinner. It’s a five-course meal with plenty of off-menu items paired with different brews from a single brewery, usually with the brewmaster on hand to give a short talk about the beer.


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