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Can’t Win Them All

In response to Matt Prigge’s predictions for the Academy Awards:

I fail to see how Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance is an impersonation since we don’t have any footage of Abraham Lincoln. So his performance is no less a creation than anyone else’s, as it’s just based on text and some photographs. What makes his performance the best is the fact that people believe he is as Lincoln was in real life.


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I actually agree with you about [David] Cronenberg for Best Adapted Screenplay and [Robert] Pattinson for Best Actor. Cronenberg is always a class act, but Pattinson was an eye-opener. I’m impressed.


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The Master and Zero Dark Thirty were the only films I saw out of the whole pile. The Master was deep, and worth a few good 
contemplative moments. Joaquin [Phoenix] has my nod as the best. But I am sure other films were worthy. I tend to enjoy art house-ritz-wacko films. I abhorred Avatar.


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Finally someone who recognizes the gem Cosmopolis is! Totally agree with Cronenberg for best adapted screenplay and Pattinson as best actor. Eric Packer is a concrete and at the same time an abstract character. It takes a lot of talent to show his cold, detached aspect but also his existential loneliness and vulnerability. Pattinson did it with the subtlety and intensity of a great actor.


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Singing the Blues

In response to Michael Gonzales’ music feature on Nina Simone:

Though you go to some length to detail Ms. Simone’s “wildness,” which you believe “drove her as an artist,” it has been well documented, however sadly, that her often off-putting and eccentric behavior was due to bipolar disorder and/or borderline personality disorder. This has been well documented in a number of books and is information that is easily obtainable. 


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