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The Last Supper

In response to Brian Freedman’s review of his mother’s Thanksgiving dinner: 

This article was immensely entertaining. It was like having the writer at my house for Thanksgiving. I try to follow Brian’s writings and wine suggestions. He’s has a way of writing that brings you into his world with humor and facts that are terrific and fun.


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Your mother is amazing! You would have been strongly admonished for the stuffing review at my house, where there was no cooking going on. Each Thanksgiving, my family ate at a lovely Italian restaurant in a basement in the city. I truly believed, at least until I met my husband, that everyone ate lamb chops and wedding escarole soup on Thanksgiving. I had never eaten a turkey! I thoroughly enjoyed your review, written to perfection! 


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Stealing the Show 

In response to Randy LoBasso’s feature on rumors of voter fraud in Philadelphia: 

First, why do you quote some obscure website and claim that it represents mainstream Republicans? It’s a straw-man argument. Second, talk-show hosts have a job to do and Sean Hannity isn’t an RNC rep. His job is to get listeners ginned up so they will listen to commercials. Seems like you are doing the same thing. The evidence you cite, conversations with the Committee of Seventy and City Commissioners Office, seem to support the fact that a candidate receiving 100 percent of the vote in 59 divisions is more than a statistical anomaly. It certainly makes me wonder. Not one person voted for Romney? Is it a rounding issue? It seems VERY odd and doesn’t pass the “smell test.”


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To anyone with any sense, this conspiracy theory is just plain ridiculous. After admitting that he has no real evidence whatsoever, Chambers alleges a sophisticated, clever coverup. If that were really true, don’t you think the fraudsters would have been smart enough to cover their tracks by throwing in a few Romney votes? This whole thing completely fails the test of basic plausibility. C’mon, THINK, people. It makes no sense to claim that they’re deviously clever and idiotically incompetent at the same time. This guy is just another Republican sore loser, crying because his lame election predictions were completely off base.


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What’s Up, Doc?

In response to Matt Prigge’s review of the climate-change documentary Chasing Ice: 

I give a shit if [the protagonist’s] knees hurt, because it brings some life to the issue. When you’re looking for a way to engage people in something as complex and far-reaching as climate change, I’ve found that nothing comes close to Chasing Ice. The movie engages you on a personal level to something that can often feel very impersonal, especially here in the states. If you want something that doesn’t involve a story or a human element, there’s plenty out there. But for most of us, we need a way to relate, and Balog does an incredible job in that regard. While most of us sit around and do nothing after we hear doom-and-gloom messages about climate change, James is out there risking his life to bring clarity to an otherwise unclear issue. For me, the most impactful piece of Balog’s message is about using his talents to do everything he can so he can tell his daughters that he was trying. So if “delving endlessly into some dude’s personal life” isn’t a way into the audience’s hearts, I don’t know what is. 


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Stand by for the ranting hordes of fossil fuel shills and their hapless dupes claiming Balog is an ecofascist Marxist bent on world domination and that it’s all just a fantastic coincidence that all this was projected by climate scientists 40 years ago.


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