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Stories of Survival

In response to Philadelphia Weekly’s first book, The Survivors Project: Telling the Truth About Life After Sexual Abuse: 

Thank you for making a space to hold survivors’ stories. As a West Philadelphia-based group working to end sexual assault, we have seen how healing it can be for survivors to share and hear each other’s stories. There is too much shame and silence around people’s experience of sexual assault. Sexual assault has happened to so many of us, yet so many people feel unsupported and unable to share their stories. Kudos to the people who were strong enough to break the silence and share their stories; and a sincere thank you to the staff at PW for using their power to shed light on this subject. We work directly with survivors as they seek a path to healing, and we offer alternatives to the legal system for survivors seeking justice and safety. We are glad to have this issue of PW and the accompanying ebook as a new resource for survivors of sexual assault.


Ari: Thank you for being so brave to share this. Please know that doing so is a real gift to others—both those who have suffered abuse and those who want to feel real compassion for those who have and understand. Wishing you tranquility, love and hope. 


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The Freewheelin’
 Bob Dylan

In response to Bryan Bierman’s feature on Bob Dylan’s musical past: 

I find it annoying that people allow Bob Dylan to do what Bob Dylan wants just because of who he is. It’s unfortunate these types of people don’t have to follow rules of proper behavior in society just because the general population dismisses it due to a false sense of “status.” Everyone should be held accountable for their actions no matter what their profession is. Peering into people’s windows ... FREAK!


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Why diss him in a concert preview? We’re lucky enough to get the chance to experience Dylan live—future generations will not. While on diss mode though, I’m sure the writer here must have considered Hearts of Fire; Dylan & the Dead; the Victoria’s Secret TV ad and CD promo; playing the same four songs to close out his shows for what seems like a decade now; not to mention most of Together Through Life, including the horrible cover.


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Mental Block

In response to Sean Burns’ review of Silver 
Linings Playbook: 

What a bipolar review! You found the movie’s “incessant loudness ... grating” and yet you wish Russell didn’t leave out “all the screaming matches.” I saw the movie and completely disagree with you. I also have a friend with bipolar issues and I thought Pat’s character, performed by Cooper, was utterly convincing. I went in determined not to like the movie because of all the hype but was totally won over. 


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As someone who has experienced living with a brother with bipolar disorder, and a graduate student embarking into the mental-health field, I disagree with your review wholeheartedly. Your opinion is valued, but the situations in this film that you called “contrived” are extremely plausible reactions to depression caused by complicated grief and BD. It’s unfortunate that your personal experience has skewed your view of the film, because I’ve heard from many others that it was phenomenal. Perhaps it is worth giving another shot, with an open mind.


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1. Dr. Susan Kaye said... on Dec 2, 2012 at 11:26AM

“Thank you for your storytelling project, "The Survivors..Life after Sexual Abuse." I am a Sex Therapist who works with this population. The silence and shame that surrounds this national disgrace needs to be brought out into the open, discussed and determined to end. I have always said if we could fill just one stadium for ending sexual abuse like we fill a stadium for a football game. There would be a message sent for healing like never before.”


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