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By Dan Savage
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With that said …

GIMP’s letter appears to have been a fake. There’s a disturbed person lurking on the web who pretends to be a woman in a wheelchair, as a number of readers wrote to inform me, and this person has peddled the exact same story before. A fake letter is going to make its way into the column from time to time—there’s no way to verify every letter—and as every question that does make the column is a good hypothetical to every Savage Love reader save one, I try not to get too worked up about the odd fake question. But it is a problem when a fake question contributes to the negative public perception of a group of people whose sexual desires are already so stigmatized.

While the news that GIMP’s letter is fake will come as a comfort to everyone who thought my advice for GIMP sucked, it’s cold comfort for all the good and decent devotees out there who had to see yet another story about a shitty—and, in this case, completely fictitious—devotee make it into print. My apologies.

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1. Malice Subway said... on Jul 21, 2012 at 09:49AM

“I love your column and just wanted to add that Oil of Mint is better for TIWDIW, for both the element of surprise as well as fresh breath! It's amazingly powerful and for anyone a bit kinky, has a pleasure/pain they may well enjoy.

I agree with you as usual Dan; the man sounds like a tosser. But, I'd love to give TIWDIW some helpful hints (if she would like) about deepthroating. I used to have a severe gag reflex, which I have overcome to the delight of my partner(s). So, if you would like to forward her my email, feel free. If not, let's hope she gives him a hot/minty send off!”

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2. saint J said... on Jul 25, 2012 at 11:45AM

“My response would be for TIWDIW, first off congradz on 8 years of marrage. But i really do not understand your husbands logic. I'm a male that has not been as fortunate in the oral department, most women just didn't like giving head from the ones that I have dated. And it makes me so angry and sad for the ladies that adore giving oral love and the guys that they are with take it for granted. If her decision to make it better was to stop giving him head all together I'm sure he have a fit. My suggestion to her husband would be simple shut up and enjoy it.”

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3. von wallenstein said... on Jul 25, 2012 at 12:35PM

“TIWDIW: if i guy is busting a nut in your mouth, by definition he's received a great blow job. he should be thanking his lucky stars his wife loves sucking dick”


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