Savage Love

By Dan Savage
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2. Don’t assume that Dave couldn’t possibly be interested in a friendship because he’s sexually active. Lots of sexually active people have friends, and most of us are capable of forming new friendships. If a friendship is “too much to ask” of Dave—if he’s only interested in your dick—he’ll let you know by disappearing on you or by accepting your friendship under false pretenses. If he disappears on you, well, he wasn’t a very nice guy and you didn’t lose much. If he accepts your friendship only so he can continue pressuring you for sex, well, then he’s not a very nice guy and you won’t lose much when you disappear on him.

But he might be up for a friendship. Lots of sexually active people are. So ask.

CONFIDENTIAL TO CANADIAN HERITAGE MINISTER JAMES MOORE AND CONSERVATIVE MP DEAN DEL MASTRO: Please shut down that sex-ed exhibit ( Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition ) at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa! I don’t want Canadian kids to get “reliable answers to their [sex] questions” from museums . I want Canadian kids to get drunkenly dashed-off answers to their sex questions from gay sex-advice columnists. And so, it seems, do you two. I sure do appreciate your support, guys. Now go shut that fucker down. Thanks!

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