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Heavy Fire

Regarding Michael Alan Goldberg’s cover story about Mayor Nutter’s crackdown on lost/stolen guns:

I want to commend you on a very fair and thought-provoking piece. It sounds like the police might have something that works and it’s just a matter of convincing justifiably wary gun owners. I do not own a gun but like Mr. Stolfer I believe in the 2nd Amendment. Most articles I read about guns are full of attacks and name-calling from both sides. This article is refreshing and it gives the possibility that the compromise the mayor is looking for can be reached if both sides try to work together.

ROBERT, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Reporting a missing or stolen gun is right for the safety of society. Only people who own guns illegally would not report a missing/stolen gun. There is no better way possible to deter criminals from getting their hands on guns. And if a person who is selling guns to people they shouldn’t and they repeatedly report their guns ‘lost’ or stolen, then we obviously need to keep an eye on this person.

KLIFFEE, via philadelphiaweekly.com

This story is the most balanced, best researched, and best thought-out essay I have ever read on gun control, anytime, anywhere (and I am a policy analyst in a government public safety program). Man, you knocked the ball out of the park. I didn’t think there was anyone besides me who would bother trying to think through all those angles.

PAUL SAGER, via email

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Report Violation

1. Louie said... on Mar 14, 2012 at 11:38AM

“What do Nutter and Ramsey hope to accomplish by keeping a record of lost or stolen guns? What is their reasoning?

This is nothing more than a back-door method of registering guns, and gun owners. This is illegal, and is indirect violation of State Law.

However, when Nutter and Ramsey hold a "gun buy-back" event, there are no questions asked, no serial numbers researched, and no names linked to the purchased guns.

Huh. So, how many of these "Gun Buy-back Guns" have been used in crimes? Can't tell us, can you, Mike?

You want to stop violent crime on the streets of Philadelphia? It's easy!
Here's how...

Have police actually PATROL the neighborhoods! They don't! 15th and 2nd District officers(?) can be found in any dark alley, cemetery, and the rear parking lot of Wells Fargo Bank at FKD and Pratt. Typically hiding out until their shift is over. Don't believe me? I have plenty of photos that prove otherwise.


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