Savage Love

By Dan Savage
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Third, circling back to Elizabeth Santorum’s blowjob on HuffPo: “[Elizabeth] is aware of her father’s so-called ‘Google problem,’ part of a campaign by columnist Dan Savage … ‘That just makes me sad. It’s disappointing that people can be that mean,’ she said.”

I’m sorry for giving you a sad, Elizabeth. You know what gave me a sad? Reading about Janice Langbehn and Lisa Pond. The women, together 18 years, were vacationing in Florida in 2007 with three of their four children when Pond suffered an aneurysm. Langbehn and the children were barred from Pond’s room when they arrived at the hospital. A social worker informed Langbehn that she wouldn’t be able to see her wife because they were in an “anti-gay city and state.”

By being so mean as to oppose legal protections for gay and lesbian families, Elizabeth, you and your father are trying to make sure that other families headed by same-sex couples will suffer as Langbehn, Pond and their children were made to suffer.

It is disappointing how mean some people can be, Elizabeth, it really is.

Time to follow through on your threat to redefine “rick,” Dan.

Matt Via Twitter

Already done: To “rick” is to remove something with your tongue—the “r” from “remove,” the “ick” from “lick”—which makes “rick santorum” the most disgusting two-word sentence in the English language after “vote Republican.”

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