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Fight or Flight

Regarding Randy LoBasso’s article about local advocacy group Fight for Philly:

Fighting for jobs will not itself produce anything positive. Adolf Hitler (temporarily) solved Germany’s economic problems by building up the military and going to war. And if international warfare is bad, class warfare within a country is probably worse. What is needed is an examination of God’s holy word in the bible and submission to it: Repentance. Neither government nor capitalism itself is the problem; sin is the problem.


Personal Best

Regarding Sean Burns’ and Matt Prigge’s list of Top 50 films:

The fun of running the Lawn Chair Drive-In since the late ’80s isn’t just seeing great films full screen; it’s hearing and feeling the laughs and the gasps and the groans of an audience all around you as we all share that collective experience of being spellbound in darkness. Some films, like Withnail & I and All That Jazz are worthless on television. Yet they come alive on the big screen. Thanks for the list. While I consider myself a ‘film guy’ of sorts, there are more than a few here I haven’t seen, and will seek out, and maybe show next summer!

TODD KIMMELL, via philadelphiaweekly.com

How can you forget Martin Scorsese’s 1978 film The Last Waltz about The Band’s final show that many consider the greatest rock movie of all time? The Band also had a guest artist list to die for. Do you not like rock ’n’ roll?

KEVIN P. KENNA, Philadelphia

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