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By Dirty South Joe
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"Best-kept secret" is an overused term, but in the case of Brian "Fyah" Redman it couldn't be more appropriate. He's a highly skilled and innovative reggae DJ, but it's his dedication to the art of the remix that sets him apart.

"Remixes are basic astronomy. You get a concept and roll with it, and it'll take you anywhere you want," Redman waxes. "It just shows you how universal any beat or rhythm really is. You can take something that was really hard at one point and turn it into the softest lullaby tune, or vice versa."

Redman, 31, has recorded numerous remixes throughout his career, but it wasn't until one of them found a home on a Hollertronix EP last year that people outside the tristate area got a chance to hear his sound.

"I really just wanna get my music out there and let people hear it. If you make something and people go crazy for it in the clubs, then you did something right. That's payment right there," Redman says. "I just give my tunes out to anyone who will use them, 'cause that's fun. I'm happy to see people enjoy my music like I do. That's worth the time and effort that goes into it."

As for the Philadelphia scene, he's a little less upbeat, and acutely aware of its shortcomings. "The reggae scene here is a little hurt, which kind of leaves me not as well positioned as I could be. It's a very simple scene, and you can't get too deep here. We're a gangster town, and people never wanna show their enjoyment or their smile. A smile is called a 'cheese grill.' You're considered corny if you're happy here."

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