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By Dirty South Joe
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Veteran DJ duo Will "Honorable Caps" Creeley and Brian "Pandemonium Jones" Curtis are having more fun than you are. After making a name with their debut mix CD Bouillabaisse and influential follow-up Moving in Stereo, it's safe to say C&J are in the building. Imagine a rap fan's journey through the cosmos with Carl Sagan and The Big Lebowski's Dude. If there's a genre titled "no genre," this recording is the benchmark.

"If we didn't make the music we wanna hear, nobody else would," says Creeley, 26.

Releasing quality product is important to Curtis, 23, as well. "Even an awesome party is over when the night's over. There's a special satisfaction that comes from recording something like Boulliabaisse or Moving. We have a certain next-level attachment to it, but we've probably listened to those tapes 500 times. There's a certain pride in creating something that doesn't feel fixed in time."

The legend of C&J came to be after the two met at NYU student council meetings. The elder Caps was taken aback by the brash and candid Jonesy, but deeply impressed by his voracious musical appetite. They eventually shared a dorm, and a musical partnership was born. The two made their way from Brooklyn to Philly last fall, and their new home felt good right from the start.

"I look forward to getting to know Philly better," says Creeley. "I love the fact that you can stretch out here, that there'll be times when everybody in Philly is feeling the same way. I miss New York, but I like that about Philly a lot."

Curtis can relate. "I had to pull a Kurt Russell and just escape," he says. "I never embraced New York as an entity the way some people do--the whole idea that I could never live anywhere else--but there were certain elements about it I really love. I feel like Philadelphia cut out a lot of the bullshit that pushed those elements apart and put 'em all within walking distance."

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