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Mr. Lif
Mo' Mega

"Mr. Lif's flow is steady and moderately paced, often monotone and robotically emotionless. He rattles his rhymes out effortlessly, emphasizing with a uniquely characteristic half-groan-half-wince as he stretches out the words." (Pop Matters)

"Largely produced by El-P and featuring guest spots by Aesop Rock and Blueprint, Mr. Lif's Mo' Mega keeps the bar set pretty high." (slantmagazine.com)

"Like the Coup's strangely simpatico latest album, Lif's frisky, humane Mo' Mega redefines what a political rap album can be." (Onion A.V. Club)

"In the landscape of cultural trends and sales-influenced politics, there is little doubt that Mr. Lif, along with his label, Def Jux, stands out. If the entertainment value is not enough to pick up Mo' Mega, the opportunity to familiarize yourself with an eventual underground legend might be." (lostatsea.net)

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