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Jose Gonzalez

"Gonzalez distinguishes himself from similar sad bastard musicians by spicing up his acoustic arrangements with elements of bossa nova and samba. Most of these songs are as vague and inscrutable as any song on Pink Moon." (www.theredalert.com)

"Gonzalez's dreariness stems mostly from his lack of magnetic, well-crafted imagery. You see, feel and taste nothing in these songs." (Splendid Magazine)

"Veneer is a funny name for an album that appears to hide so little. If there are secrets, you wonder, where are they kept? Not between the immaculately picked guitar notes, or the call and response of Gonzalez's fragile tenor, or the haunting sparsity of his lyrics." (Dusted Magazine)

"Veneer is the sort of album where patience and attention to detail are rewarded, but Gonzalez is the sort of songwriter who plays for your soul, not your brain." (www.aversion.com)

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