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Scott Walker
The Drift

"It is a draining and uncomfortable listen that leaves as much confusion and shadowy questions as it does moments of sheer clarity and shocking bloody beauty." (PopMatters)

"It's unlikely that any other album will sound much like The Drift this year, and even less likely that it could be forgotten if heard even once." (The Onion A.V. Club)

"This is a record of an ambition that's rare anywhere in our culture, let alone pop music. This aspiration leaves The Drift wide open to accusations of absurd pretension ... Almost uniquely, this is a record that genuinely sounds like nothing you have heard before." (Uncut)

"Written and produced over a seven-year period, this record, like a painstakingly fine Ingmar Bergman film, moves slowly and deliberately, with an intense focus and refusal to turn away from disturbing 'images.'" (Pitchfork)

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