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Broken Boy Soldiers
Third Man/V2

"What the Raconteurs offer is the middle-ground between [Jack] White's muscular, distorted blues and [Brendan] Benson's Who-goes-bubblegum approach." (The Guardian)

"Within its own little garage, the album succeeds completely, but in the big picture, Broken Boy Soldiers never feels especially important ... White Stripes fans will have no reason not to love Broken Boy Soldiers-they may just love it a bit less than White's steadier gig." (The Onion)

"Broken Boy Soldiers is never going to satisfy anyone looking for a reinvention of the wheels of the lumbering cart of rock 'n' roll, but there's no denying it puts a sheen to the rim." (Playlouder)

"Never mind. Jack's finally got the bass but now he's got no base, and Broken Boy Soldiers is, sadly, just a grimy Brendan Benson album with some hair on its balls." (Stylus)

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