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Mr. Beast

"Mogwai's most accessible album to date, but they aren't creeping up on the listener gradually, instead making it abundantly clear that all they've really done is fine tune their trademark dynamics." (Playlouder)

"Riffs that sound like they were fashioned out of granite by strange men in white coats conducting an experiment into the resilience of the inner ear, and passages of beatific, scintillating beauty. Imagine Mot�rhead with Brian Eno at the helm." (The Observer)

"This doesn't sound like the same Mogwai that flattens audiences and then asks if the show was loud enough." (Pitchfork)

"This is a record that delivers on the melodic promise of 2001's Rock Action, teetering between art-bruised fragility during its slower, gentler moments and flashes of stereo-buckling metal." (Mojo)

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