Week's Worst: Max Weinberg Big Band

By Erica Palan
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Have you ever listened to “Born in the U.S.A”? Really listened? Iconic or not, the percussion lacks creativity the way a blind person lacks sight. And while it’d be easy enough to blame Bruce Springsteen—dude’s made his fair share of questionable decisions; I’m looking at you, Patty Scialfa—the fault here lies with “Mighty” Max Weinberg, who is, at best, a mediocre musician by his own admittance. “Born to Run” was recorded by the E Street Band before Weinberg responded to Springsteen’s Village Voice ad and Weinberg has confessed that no matter how hard he tries, he still can’t figure out how to do it the way his predecessor, Ernest Carter, did. Also, Weinberg is nine years younger than the oldest member of the E Street Band and the only one who has to have his kid sub in halfway through live shows. (Don’t tell me you believe the BS about “practicing” to fill-in when Weinberg went back to Conan.) Not so mighty now, are ya, Max?


June 14



World Cafe Live

3025 Walnut St.



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1. rick davidson said... on Jun 9, 2010 at 03:11AM

“Does this woman ERICA PALEN really have a job writing for this media outlet? Or is she just a a lonely fat broad living in her parents basement typing away on a blog? Because she CLEARLY has no idea what she is talking about on ANY of the topics she babbled about. Just a nasty pig trying (and miserably failing) to bring someone down. Extremely lame....Max is one of the greatest drummers in the world, and has been for the past 36 years, and after seeing the MW Big Band in Miami, it is unreal...too bad for ERICA the show will be sold out, and she will be stuck at home once again.”

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2. Max Hancock said... on Jun 9, 2010 at 11:29AM

“What we have here is a classic failure of reasoned, intelligent rhetoric. Instead of responding to the ideas that Ms Palan (notice how I took the time to spell that right?), you embraced intellectual laziness like your mother's teat and made a speculative, abusive ad hominem attack about her weight and living situation, all without presenting any reasoning to your statements. I couldn't help but notice that you posted your comment at 3:11 AM, a time when most healthy adults are getting a good night's sleep. If I may do some speculating of my own (turnabout is fair play, afterall) I'd guess that you're leaving mean, vapid comments on newspaper websites at three in the morning because you yourself live in your parents' basement and this late hour, when mom and dad are in a deep sleep, is prime time for masturbation. I'd also guess that if you don't sleep well, you don't eat well, either, and are probably battling obesity. In other words, you're the only lonely, nasty, fat pig here.”

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3. bobsaccamanna said... on Jun 9, 2010 at 01:01PM

“hey max,I noticed that while you were busy trashing rick for his comments,and defending Ms Palan,you really never made mention about how off base her comments actually were in reference to Mr.Weinberg's drumming skills.So let me help you out a little,and straighten Ms Palan out at the same time.First of all anyone who knows anything at all about the art of playing drums will tell you that Max is one of the more technically skilled drummers on the music scene today,if you did validation of that go to the web site www.drummersworld.com.I would like to see the quote where Max by his own admittiance said he was a "mediocre" musician,again she is obviuosly making that up.What he did say in an interview after his book about drummers "The Big Beat" was that he didn't put himself in the same class as some of the drummers he interviewed for the book such as Ringo Starr or Stewart Copeland,and even with that he was obviously just showing deference to drummers he admired and in Ringo's case”

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4. bobsaccamanna said... on Jun 9, 2010 at 01:14PM

“cont......In Ringo's case,idolized.As far as his son filling in for him,well anyone with a modicum of intelligence(which Ms.Palan is obviously lacking) can go check the facts on that for themselves,he was filling in because Max's contract with NBC would not allow him to be away during the European portion of the tour,so bruce allowed Max;s son the opportunity to fill in for his father,not suprising given the long time camaderie of the members of the E Street Band.And lastly,the only member of the band that Max is 9 years younger than is Clarence Clemons,the rest of the band is either the same age or within two years,and the newly added musicians are younger.So tell me,who seems like the idiot now,you are coming on here and spouting off defending a person who did not get one fact correctly in her report.Next time take the time to do some research before you put your foot in your mouth,and your head in your ass”

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5. Anonymous said... on Jun 11, 2010 at 02:43PM

“Ms. Palan:

This is an embarrassing collection of words you strung together. You weren't paid for this were you? Just awful. God awful. Go home.

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6. Anonymous said... on Jun 11, 2010 at 02:53PM

“Have you ever really read this review? Really read it? It lacks creativity the way a blind man....uh, i can't even finish off this stupid sentence. I agree. Just awful.”

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7. Anonymous said... on Jun 12, 2010 at 09:33AM

“Yes but the fact is that most of Bruce's songs, except for a few early ones, are simple straightforward beats and there is almost zero improvisation in the live shows at all.”

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8. Anonymous said... on Jun 12, 2010 at 04:25PM

“Just saw the Max Weinberg Big Band at the Count Basie Theatre last night in Jersey. The band was amazing! Max sounds great, not lacking anything. I haven't seen a band in the last 20 years that plays the music they are playing better than that band did last night.”

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9. Anonymous said... on Jun 14, 2010 at 01:10PM

“yea, I agree as well. This women did not do her homework. Being a college drop out I think i could do a better job than this woman. And as a drummer i wanna slap her with my crash/ride. Sometimes simplicty is the complex thing to do. It is often called for, and the best pop drummers know how to effective embelish/ color the sound with accents and fills. "born in the USA" is what it is because it was done right and max did what the song needed. no more no less. If i wasn't a starving musician i would loveto go see max play tonight. He will rock”

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10. Natasha said... on Jun 14, 2010 at 02:19PM

“Wow. Someone get Ms Palan her Prozac - quick! I fear the prolonged use of her meds have distorted her hearing acuity and writing ability. The Philadelphia Weekly should dismiss her and hire someone who can competently write about music. Her snarkiness seems to be of greater importance to her than any reasoned evaluation of a musician's talent. What does Max's age or the fact that his son subbed for him matter? (By the way, I saw the youngster play at Giants stadium and thought he was fantastic.) Readers of the magazine deserve better!”

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11. Anonymous said... on Sep 19, 2010 at 07:37PM

“Just another example of the cultural ignorance that is America. As Frank Zappa once said, "America wouldn't know good music if it bit 'em on the ass."”

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12. Matt Peyton said... on Nov 7, 2010 at 07:54AM

“Saw the Max Weinberg Big Band last night at SOPAC. I photographed it for the newswire that I work for - search Getty Images (Editorial/Entertainment). My dad was a drummer, played with, among others, Charlie Parker. I'm a life long musician. Max TOTALLY rocked it. This reviewer has a it way wrong.”


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