Week's Worst: Great White

By Chris Parker
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Photo by PW Staff

Never before has bad taste proven so fatal (unless you’re talking Chinese cat food). Who would’ve expected attempts to enliven Great White’s moth-eaten glam with a few sparklers could turn out worse than Joan Rivers’ facelifts? This tragedy might’ve been averted if we’d invested in post-stardom vocational training for aging has-beens with drug dependencies. As a bonus we would’ve been spared their dispiriting cover of “Unchained,” which sounds like Thrill Kill Kult, despondent after a week in rehab. This is a band with as many greatest hits collections as studio albums. Shame’s not in their vocabulary. Little surprise their fiery showstopper “Desert Moon” has found its way back into the setlist after singer Jack Russell avowed to never play it again. Apparently their memory’s as fleeting as their fame. When you’ve been out of the spotlight as long as them, presiding over 100 deaths is just another line on your resume.

Fri., May 14



With Bizarre Silence

Club Polaris

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