Week's Worst: Aaron Lewis

By Chris Parker
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Aaron Lewis’ only demonstrable talent is creating music as pallid as Matchbox 20, yet still able to pass itself off as metal. With Staind, he pioneered the all-ballad format creating songs that—aside from a power-chord chorus—lack the juice to keep a penlight from flickering. Lewis’ endless melodrama is indulgent enough to make Jewel seem poignant, purveying malingering self-pity that resonates with emotionally-arrested losers unable to extort any sympathy from their friends. Staind’s last album, The Illusion of Progress, could be the epitaph for their career, barfing up formulaic banalities for victims still blaming their childhood and ex-girlfriends for their troubles. The secret of their success lies in appealing to those whose world barely extends beyond their own skull. That Lewis has allegedly finished a country-rock album tells you everything you need to know about that genre’s future vitality. Say hi to Hootie.

Tues., Oct. 12
Theater of Living Arts
334 South St.

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2. TheFaustianMan said... on Oct 11, 2010 at 04:40PM

“Looks like that investment in thesaurus is paying off. It would have read better if it were less bombastic. However, 3*** for the truth.”


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