By Bill Chenevert
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Anti-Flag formed in Pittsburgh in ‘88 with one goal: change the world through leftist, politically charged punk rock. Their albums Their System Doesn’t Work For You and Die for the Government spit in the eye of all that uptight, middle-America holds dear with the express intent to wake them the fuck up. And it’s worked. Since those landmark albums we’ve: elected Bush, elected and re-elected his retarded son, gone to war with Iraq and Afghanistan, made Sarah Palin a best selling author, seen our economy shit the bed, bailed out billionaire banks, bailed out billionaire car companies, and, crystal ball here, are going to pass a toothless health care bill if one gets passed at all. So thanks for shaking things up, guys! Here’s to another 20 years, when we’ll no doubt be playing your game-changing albums on full blast in Utopia!

Wed., Feb. 3. 7pm, $15. With Cancer Bats, Star Fucking Hipsters + the Menzingers. Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. 215.922.6888.

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