By Doug Wallen
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Even reunions have to end sometime, and so Weston’s most recent comeback is set to wind down at the Khyber, the very spot it was ignited back in April. The joke-y Philly pop-punks trolled across the Northeast in between, recording a live album at Hoboken’s legendary Maxwell’s and proving themselves older but no less giddy. Thanks to our over-digitized age, there are lots of videos from these reunion gigs, but the band’s back catalog is still the best way to approach the time capsule that is Weston.
Formed in Bethlehem at the dawn of the ’90s, Weston spent that decade making kids grin and pogo and shout along, releasing records on then-iconic labels Gern Blandsten and Go Kart before making all too familiar missteps in search of a wider audience. Notably, they evolved into more of a straight-faced indie rock band, leaving their adolescent punk roots behind somewhat. By 2001, they were over and done with, at least for the time being.
But that’s not what you should remember. Nah, you should pop over to and rejoice in the hooky simplicity of “Retarded” and “Just Like Kurt.” Then giggle at the self-deprecating “No Kind Of Superstar” off 1996’s cheeky Got Beat Up and the aw-shucks Beat Happening tribute “Heather Lewis.” There’s a lot to like there. I only saw Weston once, opening for Down By Law when I was a teenager, but I still remember their in-joke antics and high-impact melodies as being uncommonly entertaining for a warm-up band.
When this particular victory lap comes to a close, fans would be wise to check out Cordova Academy Glee Club, where Weston guitarist Jim Snyder has since come to roost. They’re funny, well-oiled, and as with Weston’s best moments, like a comic book come to life.
Sat., Dec. 27, 9pm. $10. With Latex Generation, the Horrible Truth About Me + Fang Fang. Khyber, 56 S. Second St. 215.238.5888.

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