An American Chinese

By Katherine Silkaitis 

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An American Chinese write music that’s as unconventional and unique as their band name. Like it, they take common words and elements and combine them with unexpected results. They released an EP in 2007, and its five songs simultaneously combine lo-fidelity with an audiophile’s love of detail and nuance. There’s an indescribable energy and creativity that permeates their songs, creating music that’s bizarre and accessible, melodic and filled with discord, lively and melancholic.

Creating multi-faceted music is one of the goals of songwriters Mitch Marzec and Mark Skierski. Their songs, Skierski says, are meant to be “listened to over and over again, and every time discovering something new. There are some bands that are like that for me and I’m just like, ‘That’s incredible. I’ve listened to that song 500 times and I’m just now hearing that.’ I think we made an effort to have that type of thing in our music.”

But there’s a downside to creating dense, layered songs. “We definitely pay attention to detail like that, which is why the recording process does take a long time,” Skierski says with a small laugh. Since Marzec and Skierski met and began playing together about five years ago, they’ve been in endless pursuit of their first album. Though the band is a septet on stage, Marzec and Skierski record most of the song parts themselves at home, learning the process as they’ve gone along. It’s been time-intensive, but the end is in sight—so close that they might have a full-length out in just a few weeks.

“The EP was such a small little slice of us. It was just songs we were like, ‘Yeah, I guess this could be thrown into an EP and make some sense,’” Marzec says. “But I think our scope is pretty big and I think the album will show that.” ■

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