Tracking the old, stodgy Grammys on new media platforms.

By Brian McManus
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Before the actual award show started, the stars waltzed down the red carpet showing off their outfits. Grammy Twitter posted pictures and told me who was arriving and who had already won--"Raphael Saaqud arrived hand-in-hand with date Nia Long," "Best Hard Rock Performance: Wax Simulacra, The Mars Volta." (Ahem, Saadiq. Dude was a nominee!)

Only 10 awards were handed out on the Grammy telecast this year, producers deciding to go heavy on the live performance and hand the bulk of them out untelevised. The Grammy Twitter was busy posting tons of winners during the preshow, and perhaps that's why they failed to mention the news that stirred Grammy Facebook into a frenzy: Chris Brown and girlfriend Rihanna, both scheduled to perform, were no-shows. Brown turned himself in early morning Sunday for felony assault. Grammy Facebook users feverishly posted TMZ updates and wondered whether or not Rihanna was the victim of the assault. (We now know she was.)

Sample discussion about the Chris Brown/Rihanna dustup on Grammy Facebook wall:

Kirstie Fill (London) wrote at 7:47 p.m.

"did cb mash up rihanna i met her in london she one moody lil girl!! no manners an tink the world shud bow to her horrible moody young lady !1"

Joli wrote at 7:51 p.m.

"sorry Kirstie...I cant agree with woman should ever be hit..."

Kirstie Fill (London) wrote at 7:54 p.m.

"joli tru say but she a moody lil fukker still a smack across the mouth wuldnt have hurt her she needed it evry time she visits london she ignores and sneers at people she wont talk jus sits ther az tho she soooo important look at me aint i the shhhhh !!"

Future media, like whoa!

Grammy Twitter is a year-round venture, and will be updating daily.

Grammy Facebook too. I searched it to see if they'd posted their "25 Things," but found nothing. So let me help, by offering No. 1.

1. I am old and out of touch. I gave Album of the Year to a record of Joni Mitchell covers last year, for Christ's sake. And remember when Christopher Cross swept all the big categories back in the day? Oops. But honestly, scour my Facebook wall and tell me these kids aren't begging to be molded. It's because of them that we will continue to try to be a thermostat that changes the culture, and not a thermometer that simply reflects it. Or something. Coldplay!

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