The Sulimay Way

Three senior Fishtown residents give music criticism a new, fresh face. 

By Brian McManus  
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“I think, now more than ever, it’s to be entertaining,” says Brodzik. “People don’t need you to tell them whether or not a CD is worth buying anymore. They can just listen themselves.”

Type “Grizzly Bear Veckatimest review” into Google and you’ll get 462,000 results—millions of words and gallons of virtual ink spilled over a record most Americans don’t know exists and can’t pronounce. You might read three of them. And, really, none of them will be as entertaining as watching a 75-year-old man strain his face when it begins to play, only to ask a simple question: “Is this English?”

Episode 24 of Breakfast at Sulimay’s leads off with Able, Bailey and Walker sharing their views on Wilco (The Album) . The Chicago band’s latest effort has been described by Billboard as “gripping,” “giddy and goofy” by the Chicago Sun-Times and, um, “cunningly titled” by Spin . 

Or, put another way, by Bailey: “This is their 11th release? They haven’t learned much.” ■

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1. Bill Chenevert said... on Jun 11, 2009 at 10:42AM

“I bet they'd love Michael Buble.”

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2. brandon said... on Jun 11, 2009 at 11:54AM

“This show is awesome. Subscribe to it on youtube. Joe RULEZ!”

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3. Anonymous said... on Jun 12, 2009 at 02:51PM

“Thats Bill Abel”

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4. Byrd said... on Jun 12, 2009 at 04:55PM

“Marc Bordzik has another creative hit!!!!!! Great find, love the show !!!”

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5. scott said... on Jun 30, 2009 at 04:53PM

“this show is brilliant! i love it. keep it coming brodzik and I'll keep watching. so good.”


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