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Handicapping the current crop of artists in the quest to become the new King.

By Brian McManus  
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Ginuwine’s latest, A Man’s Thoughts , is a little heavy on the contemplative ballad (see our review, next page), but should he come with some straight pop heat with his next album, he might have a shot.

Likelihood : 6

Could happen were he to : Get back in bed with producer Timbaland, put on a shirt.

R. Kelly

Oh, never mind.

Likelihood : 0

Could happen were he to : Take a time machine back to the beginning of his career. 

Clay Aiken

Google an image of Clay Aiken in Monty Python’s Spamalot and you’ll see that Aiken can dress the part of the King. He looks a lot different than when we were introduced to him too. He’s a gay man with child. (Sorry.) Offstage, Aiken practically is Jackson. But onstage the two just can’t compare for reasons that hopefully don’t need to be explained. 

Likelihood : 3

Could happen were he to : Take dancing lessons, lose weight, write memorable songs, go back into the closet and keep us guessing. 


Both Prince and Jackson were ’80s icons. Both are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Both are natural performers. Both are private. This is a certified no-brainer. Not to mention the obvious: When a King passes, he is replaced by a Prince. 

Likelihood : 9

Could happen were he to : Stop offending homosexuals, have some babies. ■

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