Critic's Pick: Cloud Nothings

By Bryan Bierman
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Cloud Nothings perform this week at Johnny Brenda's.

When asked why he left college to pursue a full-time music career, Cloud Nothings brainchild Dylan Baldi explained, “I wanted a reason to leave college.” First launching Cloud Nothings as a one-man lo-fi hobby in 2009, Baldi has already released three albums of hooky punk songs to much critical acclaim, despite the fact that he’s only 20 years old. (When I was 20, I spent my days pantslessly watching The Steve Wilkos Show. I still do this, but nevertheless ... ) Now backed by a full band, Baldi’s Cloud Nothings have matured and darkened their sound on Attack On Memory, their short and sweet latest. Featuring producer Steve Albini’s patented drum sounds, Baldi’s raw vocals and smart songwriting, Attack On Memory gives a modern spin on ’90s emo and Nada Surf album tracks, as well as liberating the evolving group from the short life span that imprisons most stagnate “blog rock” bands. 

Fri., March 30, 8pm. Sold out. With Bleeding Rainbow + A Classic Education. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave. 215.739.9684.

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