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Rad Racket, Vivian Girls, Jeffrey Gaines, Jim Bianco, El Guincho, Suicidal Tendencies

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Jim Bianco's got a cockeyed heart, a larynyx soaked in battery acid and a mind in the gutter. In a good way. His shows are so peppered with sideways improv and marinated in sarcasm and charm that they're always as fresh as his propositions. It's not the presong rambling shtick about the garden-variety events of life or other yawn-inducing afflictions of crappy performers. It's 360-degree entertainment. This time out he's performing the Jim Bianco classics--tales about handsome devils slipping it to bridesmaids and tap-dancing with cucarachas--along with new material from Sing, including "I Got a Thing for You"--a sultry cabaret-style siren song popping up all over cable.


El Guincho

Sun., Nov. 30, 6pm. $10. With Lemonade + Magnet City Kids. Barbary, 951 Frankford Ave.


He's Spanish. He's pretty. He's an artist. He sounds like future-Prince--the mysterious 24th-century half-dolphin super-musician who time-traveled to the 1990s and gave present-Prince all his best ideas. These are just three of the ways El Guincho is better than you. Plus he excites your mom in ways you never will. And yet you find it hard to hate him. In fact, you feel toward El Guincho the same way hardcore Republicans feel about George W. Bush--inexplicably warm and fuzzy. This is because the muttonchop mustachioed El Guincho's artfully looped pop collages are in fact powerful, subliminal mindtraps designed to turn young Americans into fleshy time bombs ready to vote Palin in 2012. The brainwashed will also spend the next four years buying Coca-Cola, Campbell's soup and El Guincho records (obviously). The Josie and the Pussycats movie was right--if a little premature.

(Steven Wells)

Suicidal Tendencies

Tues., Dec. 2, 7pm. $17. With Madball, Whole Wheat Bread + Moxley. Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. 215.922.LIVE.


C'mon, holler like you mean it: "No, Mom, I'm not on drugs. I'm okay, I'm just thinking, you know? Why don't you get me a Pepsi? She goes 'No! You're on drugs!'... All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me! ... I'm not crazy! You're the one who's crazy!" "Institutionalized" is Suicidal Tendencies' definitive work, its "Ace of Spades," if you will. Which means you probably won't hear it till the end of tonight's gig--yet another comeback by the long-running, "Cyco" Mike Muir-led California hardcore/skatepunk/metal band. And that's fine because, believe it or not, they've got plenty of other good songs to thrash around and beat up the person next to you to till you're tired and sweaty and just want a Pepsi.


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