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The Wedding Present, Times New Viking + Love Is All, Blake Lewis, Girl Talk, Wire, Method Man + Redman, The Dead C, Side Car Bar Party, Music Is Our Oil, TV Ghost

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This is just pure, irresponsible speculation, but we're guessing there's not a whole hell of a lot to do in Lafayette, Ind. And lucky for us, because that two-bit shithole (okay, now we're just being cruel) was just boring enough to inspire the unruly misfits in TV Ghost to start a truly out-there band who clang and bang on clean guitars and ramp up the vocal reverb to such a degree they sound like their broadcasting from the deepest nether-regions of space. These punk rock Hoosiers have been given the stamp of approval by In the Red records, a label that's built a reputation of some renown after a consistent, decade-plus hot-tear of cranking out all manner of strange, noisy and lovely sounds. TV Ghost--think Country Teasers reared on new wave with drugs thrown on top--fit like a glove. (B.Mc.)

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