Lisa Christ Superstar

By Jessica Pressler
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Lisa Christ Superstar
Lisa Christ Superstar

When the eponymous frontwoman for Lisa Christ Superstar leaned into the mic to throatily sing about her "dick getting hard" before launching into a guitar solo of pure testosterone, one semi-hippie girl at the Clark Park Festival whispered to another, "I think I want to marry her." And who wouldn't? The riff-driven power pop of this Philly-area threesome is a godsend worthy of proposals. Drummer Scott Rock and bassist Blunker (formerly of Bad Luck 13) provide a solid soundboard for the rock-lady antics of Lisa Christ (nee Cohen). Pelvis thrusting, hair flying, the singer/guitarist/Trocadero booker transforms onstage from a normal-looking girl to a flying ball of rock 'n' roll-belting out hard, nearly incomprehensible lyrics as if she's been touched by the spirits of Axl Rose and Joan Jett. Every song on LCS' self-produced, five-song CD rocks hard-and with names like "Wreckage," "War Machine" and "Hard x 25," they should. LCS has taken Philly rock back from the edge and given it a much-needed kick in the groin. Go buy their CD (it's available at for a scant $6). Go see them live. You won't be disappointed. And watch out for that Lisa chick. That girl's got balls.

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