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These are some recorded sets of Rob Paine from past events and studio sessions.
Dj Rob Paine - Live at The Shakedown
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Dj Rob Paine at The Shakedown February 2009
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Rob Paine's foundation for his Dj style, productions and faith is all rooted and comes from within reggae music and its culture.

Ever since Rob was buying his first cassette tapes by reggae influenced bands like The Police, The Clash and The Bad Brains back in 7th grade, it was apparent that the rhythm of reggae music is what moved his blood. This love never faded and became a forward movement with djing and producing a very broad range of reggae and reggae influenced music including house, deep techno, broken beat, dub, and down-tempo soul/hip hop. His productions have been released on top ranking labels such as Worship (Rob's imprint label), Large, Tango, Shaboom, Greyhound, Stickman, Jah Love, BSI, Warmth, Citrona and his newest imprint, Shakedown Recordings. With exclusive licensing to Bedrock, Fabric, NRK and Moonshine just to name a few.

Rob has been Dj'ing on a professional level since 1993 in Philadelphia and began touring out of town at the end of the same year with a booking in Pittsburgh that began a infectious wave of gigs spreading in directions that landed him in most major cities in the United States. He came out of the gates blazing and rocking crowds where ever he was booked. He is always asked to come back and continues to play for some of the same promoters and clubs he did ten years ago. Over the years Rob has performed in some of the most stellar clubs and events all over Canada, Mexico, Jamaica and London. Playing the infamous Fabric, PS1 in NYC and Francois K's Deep Space event. He has held down monthly residencies in San Fran, weeklies in South Beach Miami and is currently holding down residencies in DC and Philadelphia between his split life of house and reggae music. "It's really exciting to be able to switch between the two genres and sometimes do a mash up of the two and everything in between. But it is always about keeping the dance floor rammed and getting the crowd to come with you on that journey through your set with out missing a beat."

Remembering traveling to downtown Philadelphia as a youth in the late 1970's, Rob has always had love for the vibes of this multi cultured city and eventually moved downtown in 1993. This was the same year he started to DJ on a more professional level. He was also sharpening his musical training majoring in Jazz saxophone improvisation at Temple University. But before going to school for music he played in a very successful ska, reggae punk band called Hyperactive for three years with gigs 3 to 4 nights a week on the regular. At this time, he had already experienced what some artists take a life time to accomplish. But this was only the beginning. He is no stranger to interacting with the crowd from both performer and the spectator view. After the band years, his involvement in the underground dance music scene in Philadelphia became stronger and It was during this early 90's period that he partnered up to create the legendary Circle Productions with Kevin Gimble, O'Keef and Sean Thomas. Over the years Circle Productions has brought many music greats to the Philadelphia area, most for their first time. Circle Productions are behind the famous 'It' parties and club nights such as 'Yo Man!', and they were involved in numerous smaller one-off events, and live shows through out the 90's. Rob himself kept a 10 year long party called 'Heavy' which he finally ended in 2005 with the birth of his son to concentrate on working more in the studio and to make his six year reggae weekly and the monthly Shakedown house event (4 plus years), the best events in both genres of music that Philadelphia has to offer right now.

A major factor to the success of the events Rob is involved in Philadelphia is the wise purchase of a sound system that fuels every event Rob and his group of DJ's put on. After experiencing inconsistent sound for years, the Solomonic crew saved their money from the door from their weekly event and invested it into a beast of a sound which is in demand for rentals and events all over the city now.

Rob is also the cofounder of Worship and Shakedown Recordings and produces a lot of the projects released on both labels. His productions gave him a name to the rest of the world and upgraded his status to DJ/Producer in 1997. In 1999 he was awarded the 'Most Innovated Producer' by the Philadelphia City Paper. His 'dub house' style of productions started to catch on and soon there was a lot of well respected producers following in his footsteps from all around the globe.

Rob Paine is by far an innovator and continues to push the elements of dub into house and techno music but also wants to be known for his deep and soulful productions for that classic pure house music vibe. He has created a world renowned studio and works as an engineer for major hip hop, R&B and reggae artists from Philadelphia in Worship Studios. His commitment to the city of Philadelphia's ever continuing music mecca is life long. He loves everything about Philly and is continually excited about being a important part of this cities musical movement and is fortunate to work alongside such artists such as King Britt, Josh Wink, Jazzy Jeff, Quest Love & The Roots, Jill Scott, Lady Alma, Rich Medina, and many more too long to list. Rob is currently working on a slew of releases in both house and reggae to be released or has already been released this year. You can get up to date by frequenting or

To get the fullness on his reggae sound system and productions, please check out Blessed and One Love to all.........


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Dj Rob Paine

South Philly, Philadelphia PA



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