Rivers Monroe

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One cold and windy November night, Mat Welch stepped onto a bus bound for New York with only a backpack, his electronic Yamaha keyboard and audition posting in hand. Leaving his family, friends and home state of Missouri, he set off in the pursuit of his dream. Arriving in the city, he quickly sought temporary lodging and made his way to the tryouts for the vocal group Unreel. As he waited in line, he met and spoke with Mike Reading, another aspiring musician from the state of New Jersey. As fate would have it, both ended up making the cut into the four-piece group, and though it only lasted a year, the two became fast friends and set off on another track. Forming a new group called Almost Yesterday, Mat and Mike adopted the stage names Rivers and Monroe to continue their careers. Meanwhile, in the state of New Jersey, drummer Paul Ritorto and bassist Kirby C. grew up being best friends before musicians. The duo played in various projects, but where one would go, the other would inevitably follow. Building up rhythmic perfection over their tenure together, the two aspired to bring energy and fullness to a variety of groups spread over many genres. As they progressed, their sound and style would be crafted from the preference of balancing thorough musicianship with contemporary melody. As the two friends played their last show, with their original jam band Random Copper Thieves, they shared the stage with two up and coming vocalists, Mike Reading and Mat Welch. Also playing that night was Matt Varga (Doc), lead guitarist and front-man for the original rock group Staircase Wit. This aspiring guitarist and songwriter had spent some time touring with rock band, The Jersey Syndicate, before beginning his own project. Writing in a melodic style mimicking the powerful lines of U2 and the stirring harmonies of classic orchestra, Matt sought to bring a unique and gripping twist to the rock genre. Throughout the night, Mat, Mike, Matt, Kirby and Paul couldn’t help but notice and be impressed by one another. In a friendly exchange, they swapped numbers and returned to their lives. A few months later, Mat and Mike made the decision to end their duo project and begin a band. Sifting through their contacts, they reached out to a number of musicians in search of the perfect compliment. After several frustrating trial runs, Matt, Kirby and Paul finally joined Mat and Mike in the studio. Within the first several notes there became a synergy and power rare and indescribable. Putting together the former stage names of Almost Yesterday, Rivers Monroe was born and began to rock. This high energy, pop-rock quintet is only weeks away from completing their first full album after the successful and well-received release of their “Electric Life” EP. With each member bringing their own distinct set of influences to the table, Rivers Monroe became something different that can best be described by the music they create. Rivers Monroe ambitiously looks forward to touring and reaching as many ears as possible and creating a new and exciting facet in the world of music. All song copyrights - www.libraryofcongress.com


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Rivers Monroe

Manayunk-Roxborough, Philadelphia PA


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